Welcome to Skynamo!

They say happiness is a journey, not a destination. We are so excited to be walking this journey along with you.

We’ve put together some points to help you get started. They’re broken down into four simple steps:



  1. Your friendly Customer Success Manager will be in touch to set up your onboarding discussion.
  2. Here we discuss your unique set-up requirements!
  3. But first, an instance with demo data will also be provided to play around with (look out for the link in your inbox).
  4. Remember to set up your Champion Overview session to prepare for the onboarding discussion. Access the link here

Setting things up:

  1. Let’s discuss getting access to your Financial System / CRM Data base as soon as possible.
  2. Access the ERP integration document here to get a better idea of what is required.
  3. Your Customer Success Manager will also provide you with a project plan that includes all the Critical Success Factors and milestones for your unique setup of Skynamo.
  4. After your onboarding discussion, you will receive
    • summary of discussion
    • project plan
    • scope of implementation


As a Skynamo customer you get free ongoing training to ensure you and your team are skilled up in using all of its relevant features correctly.

Also remember the following:

  1. Your Customer Success Manager will send you a date when the training needs to be completed by.
  2. Classroom based training has moved to online training platforms.
  3. Book your session here.
  4. We also recommend accessing our Skynamo Online Training Academy Platform at any time during your journey!

Ready, Set, Go & Conquer:

  1. At Skynamo we believe in continuous value delivery. The initial setup is just the start of your Skynamo Journey!
  2. Remember, please ensure your team has compliant devices to that they can start immediately.
  3. As new features and functionality gets developed, the business environment changes or we learn new things, we will keep working with you to keep on improving and adding to your Skynamo implementation over time.

Enjoy the journey