Skynamo voted Leader in Field Sales Software, as well as Easiest to Use and Best Usability by Customers!

Field Sales teams typically increase customer engagements by up to 3x and sales revenue by up to 20% their first year with Skynamo.

Skynamo gives you clarity and confidence in your field sales activity.


Skynamo helps Field Sales reps reduce admin and sell more.

Skynamo's mobile field sales app is made for mobile sales teams and eliminates admin, so they can engage with more customers and sell more.


Skynamo helps Business Owners and Sales Managers gain clarity and control.

Skynamo's field sales management software gives managers and business owners an accurate view of sales activity in real-time and delivers valuable insights that drive more effective sales decisions.

Your complete Field Sales solution


Get Accurate and Reliable Reporting

Know what's happening in the field, track sales activities such as customer visits and orders captured, actual vs. forecast sales.


View Customer History

View customer history, location, contacts, products ordered.


Manage and Coach your Field Sales Team

View activities by team member, by region or customer, easily communicate with the entire team.


Capture orders from anywhere

Capture orders from the field to improve order accuracy and turnaround time on invoicing.

Features that allow Sales Rep and Managers to focus on Growth and Productivity

sales app for managers - Rep Info
  • Route Planning
    Find out where all your customers are located in relation to you, so you can plan your day better and reduce driving time.
  • Task Management
    See which customers are overdue for a visit so you can prioritize them accordingly. Add tasks and associate them with specific customers.
  • Order Capturing
    Always know the pricing or availability of a product. Skynamo gives you access to stock, pricing and discount information per customer.
  • Product Catalog
    Share the latest product info and availability with your customers via a full-color digital catalog on your mobile device.
  • Customer Engagement History
    Keep track of customer engagements with full knowledge of all previous interactions and information - available even offline.
  • Customizable Forms
    Easily capture all required information during customer visits with customizable visit forms - e.g. audits, customer surveys, and scorecards.
catalogue mobile sales app for reps

Seamless ERP and accounting package integration

Skynamo offers seamless ERP and accounting package integration, as well as a public API to give sales reps access to accurate customer, pricing and stock information on the road.

Used by 1,000 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors across various industries


“What we found when we started using Skynamo is that a full 30% of our customers weren’t being visited, or even called. When I saw that, literally, my mouth was agape.”

Paul Davison
Chief Revenue Officer

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Zebra Medical Testimonial

“It also helps our reps in terms of planning, reducing their workload and getting information to us. One of the big challenges they faced was just trying to report to a manager. With Skynamo it’s all automated, and we can get that information in real time, as we need it.”

Marc Davel
Head of Sales and Business Development

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Are you losing customers and sales to competitors? 

  • Increase customer engagements by up to 3x
  • Increase sales revenue by 20% your first year

Skynamo pricing is based on number of users and your integration, features and reporting requirements.

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