12 best pieces of sales advice from Team Skynamo – 3min read

What is the number one piece of sales advice you’d give someone? Ever wished you received more regular advice as an inexperienced salesperson? We asked members of Skynamo’s business development team to share their best advice with readers.



In 10 habits successful sales reps incorporate into their daily routines we suggested that field sales outcomes are connected to personal habits acquired over time rather than shotgun approaches.


‘The structure of the daily habits of successful salespeople matters far more than any one secret strategy. Superstar salespeople are doing little things over and over each day in order to close massive sales and close more sales than the average salesperson.’

– sales strategist Marc Wayshak



Skynamo field sales platform



We asked members of our business development team to share the sales habits they’re cultivating that prioritise customer needs and the value our mobile sales app adds to potential customers:



1. Honesty is the best policy

‘The best sales advice I can think of is to be honest in your recommendations to customers. If you recommend a higher margin or a higher comm option that isn’t the best solution you can offer your customer, the customer will find out at some point and your reputation and opportunity to serve the customer again in the future will be compromised.’ – Sam Clarke, CEO




2. Trust your product

‘Find something to sell that you believe works!’ – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager




3. Be prepared


‘Always be prepared, plan for your sales calls in advance. Don’t just meet with anyone, make sure there is a good customer fit.’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director




4. Keep calm before you carry on

‘It’s important to figure out what calms you down in stressful situations.’ – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager


‘I still get scared when presenting or before an important meeting. I then remind myself, “You can do this Brian, you’ve got this”. If it’s a really big meeting, I’ll whisper a silent prayer which helps to calm me down. I also religiously wear my South African flag socks to any big meeting, sale or presentation. I have 10 pairs of Saffa socks, so don’t worry!’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director




5. Cultivate confidence


‘Nothing sells like confidence. Confidence in yourself, your team and your service. Many days I feel lethargic and struggle to get motivated.  I then remind myself of the difference I’ve made to so many of my customers by taking a personal interest in their success. Not only does this boost my confidence but existing customers happily refer other customers to me too.’  – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager




6. Become a better listener, learn to ask better questions

‘Ask many, many, many open-ended questions. Knowledge is power and listening also helps to build trust.’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director


‘Get leads to talk twice as much as you do.  We were given two ears and one mouth.  Listen more than you talk! Remember, there’s a difference between listening and just waiting to speak.’ – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager




7. Empathise with customers

‘How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you is what matters most.’ – Gilbert Thies, Business Development Manager


‘Clients can feel when you have a genuine concern for their interests. Show a genuine concern for people, their business, sales teams, customers and competitors. They speak to prospects like human beings. – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager




8. Practice patience

‘Don’t start negotiating too early in the sales process, most of the time this indicates that a customer hasn’t seen the value yet.’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director


‘A good salesperson knows when to wait patiently and when to act with urgency. When you act, do so deliberately and with purpose. It involves sticking to and executing a plan, rather than simply forcing a goal.’ – Catherine Naudé, Business Development Manager




9. Ask. You’ll be surprised how much you receive!

‘The best sales advice I ever received was, “If you aren’t leaving with an order someone else is, and you’re just the person they talk to.” My advice therefore is, “Don’t be afraid to ask for that order. And if they say no, find out why not, use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.”’ – Candice Geraghty, Sales Executive




10. Maintain your integrity

‘Always be true to your values. If a sale feels dodgy it probably is, avoid going ahead.’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director




11. Remain open to learn from others

‘Spend time on sales calls with other people, you continue to learn so much!’ – Brian Howe, Alliances Director




12. Keep on keeping on

‘Sales for me is all about Attitude. It’s a way of life that is instilled within you. I believe the key to success within sales is to keep positive, and not focus on negativity. Stay cheerful, and goal orientated. Sales might not always be easy, and you will encounter much more “Noes” than “Yeses”, but it is that one Yes that reminds you why you are in Sales. – Gilbert Thies, Business Development Manager



Are we missing something? Share some of your best sales advice with us in the comments below…


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