12 mobile apps to help you navigate through your day – Skynamo employees share their favourites – 5min read

We are obsessed with mobile apps that makes our lives better. So, whenever we’re not going around telling people about Skynamo’s brilliant mobile sales app and how it’s changing the sales conversation, we’re discussing other apps that help us find our way around (literally), practice our hobbies, or simply tick off our daily to-do’s.



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We asked our team to think about everyday apps they would miss the most if they no longer had access to them. Here are 12 apps that came to mind:

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal helps you take control of your health goals. It operates along the idea that “fitness starts with what you eat”, by helping you track calories, breakdown ingredients, and log daily activities via the app.

“I mainly use it for the easy to use barcode scanner to track calorie consumption. It also has a variety of exercises (and workout plans) with quick videos showing how to perform the exercise” – Nabeel Parker (Integration Specialist)

2. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google and is available on the web, with mobile apps for Android and iOS. It offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

“It’s a very helpful tool for organising daily tasks and lists” – Ben Bosch (Product Manager)

3. Google Maps

Google Maps barely needs an introduction, as very few of us find our way around towns and cities without consulting this pocket map, containing just about every street map in the world.

“Google maps has saved my life more than once,” concurs Diederik Hattingh (Senior Developer)

4. Waze 

Waze is a GPS navigation app for those who might consider Google Maps a bit ‘yesterday’ (or, incomplete). It provides turn-by-turn navigation information, user-submitted travel times and route details, along with location-dependent information.

“It changed my life,” says Sarah Rice (CPO) while Jana Du Toit (Training Specialist) agrees that, “It’s a definite must have!”.

Sarah also uses:

Audible: “I would literally DIE without it. It’s the thing that makes traffic almost something to look forward to!”

22seven: “Brilliant for tracking how I spend my money without needing to think too much about it.”

Otter: “Another life saver. It turns my voice notes into text without a hassle.”

Truecaller: “Blocks phone spam! Need I say more?”

Jana also uses:

Kindle app: “I need my books with me on the road!!!”

5. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar allows you to be your rock star self, wherever you go. It’s a quick and easy way for guitar (and ukulele and drum) players to get hold of tabs to their favourite songs, read some of the latest music industry articles, and engage with others who share their passion for strings.

“I use Ultimate Guitar to get guitar tabs and music to make learning guitar easier” – Matt Jenje (Mobile Software Developer)

6. App Usage

App Usage is the policeman of apps. It’s the mobile app that helps you track your daily, weekly or monthly app usage as you make sure you’re using your devices responsibly.

“I use it to try and prove (still unsuccessfully!) that I’m not addicted to my mobile phone,” laughs Wim Morris (COO and Data Protection Officer)


7. EskomSePush

EskomSePush is a proudly South African solution to a distinctly South African frustration and, arguably, “The Best Loadshedding App”. Sometimes, when there isn’t enough electricity to go around, we take turns to sit in the darkness.

“It’s very helpful to know when the next blackout will be, so that the necessary provisions could be made” agrees Joanne Smith (HR Manager) and Sarah Rice (CPO)

8. Elevate

Elevate is the app that helps you stay sharp, build confidence and boost productivity. It’s a cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills and allows you to personalise your learning experience.

“I use Elevate to keep my mind sharp. I spend six minutes every morning on arithmetic and English usage games” -Sam Clarke (CEO)

9. Uber

Uber is another app that has become part of many of our daily lives. Without your own set of wheels, in an unknown city, neither Google Maps nor Waze will be of much use. Uber provides you with immediate access to taxi services, food delivery and even bicycle-sharing.

“It’s the easiest way to travel around the globe safely and efficiently” – Brian Howe (Alliances Director)

10. Snapscan and Zapper

Snapscan and Zapper read QR codes connected to merchant accounts and transfer money directly from customer bank accounts to the merchants. It eliminates both cash handling and the need for sophisticated pay points at shop or restaurant counters.

“It allows me to leave my wallet at home and operate both cash- and cardless” – Julian Diaz (Head of Marketing)

Julian also uses:

1GiantMind: “It’s got some great meditation exercises.”

mSecure: “Keeps track of all login details and passwords for everything you could possibly imagine.”

Soundhound: “A place to discover new music whenever I hear something I like.”

GoogleDrive: “Stores and gives me access to any document I need anywhere, anytime.”

Rebtel: “Brilliant for making long-distance calls at local call rates.”

11. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is the app that makes meal planning and preparation as easy as pie. The practical shopping list generator allows you to plan meals on the go, while step-by-step photo instructions and videos assures nothing goes wrong while you’re cooking.

“If you’re not sure what to make for dinner this is very helpful. You can even search recipes by ingredients, allowing you to use whatever is already in your cupboards.” – Landi Nesenberend (Web Software Developer)

Landi also uses:

Habitica:  If you like to gamify boring tasks or big projects, give Habitica a try. You gain experince as you complete your  to-do’s or dailies, ranking up your skill. It also involves a lot of fun features.”

Splitwise: “A great way to keep track of expenses split between people who live or travel together, for instance.”

12. Camcard

Camcard is a business card reading app. It provides an easy and cost-effective way to organise business contact data in a way that provides your company with access to useful customer information.

“Camcard is extremely valuable in our line of work where so much depends on accurate customer information,” agrees Catherine Naudé (Business Development Manager) and Candice Geraghty (Sales Mobility Specialist)

Catherine also uses:

Shush: “Keeps your phone on silent for a specified duration only, so that you don’t miss calls after meetings if you forgot to take your phone off silent”


Let us hear and learn from you too! Share any apps that you rely on to navigate through your daily tasks and activities with us below or via social media.

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