21 songs that get reps rocking on the road – 1min read

When your car becomes your office, you must make sure it’s a space that gets you ‘in the zone’. Sales reps spend their most important moments of each day – in between customer visits – in their cars. Surveyed sales reps share the songs that keep them up and selling on the road.

Recent surveys conducted on behalf of Skynamo for its Field Sales Trust Gap Report revealed  revealed the 21 beats that keep South African and British sales professionals turning up, tuned in and ready to sell.

Click to listen to Skynamo’s playlist for sales professionals on Spotify.

Skynamo's playlist for sales professionals on Spotify

Did any of your favourites make the list of 21 songs? Share some titles below and let us know which tunes keep you going out there…


Find out how do sales reps spend their days and what keeps them from selling.

In 2018, Skynamo commissioned a survey of hundreds of field sales reps in the UK to find out how they spend their day, what keeps them from selling more and…what their favourite songs were 🙂

Download the results of the UK survey

Skynamo Field Sales Transparency Gap Report

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