20 golden oldies that got our sales office shuffling – 1min read

Sharing the 21 songs that get reps rocking on the road from our recent surveys, got Skynamo’s sales office all nostalgic (even the young ones among us seem to love the oldies!). Have a listen to the Golden Oldies playlist that got our office shuffling.

Our Field Sales Trust Gap Report research among South African and British sales professionals revealed the 21 beats that gets them in ‘the zone’. These are the songs that motivate and refresh them while on the road visiting customers.

We had our own fun in the office as our sales team and some of our Skynamo employees began sharing golden oldies that get them out of their seats and ready for business. We compiled this song list for you to get those feet tapping and heads nodding. And to those who’ll burst out in song: let’s just hope your colleagues survive it!

Click to listen to Skynamo Sales App Golden Oldies on Spotify.

Skynamo Golden Oldies Playlist Spotify

Did any of your favourites make our Golden Oldies list? Share some of your favourites below and they might just appear on a future playlist…


In 2018, Skynamo commissioned a survey of hundreds of field sales reps in the UK to find out how they spend their day, what keeps them from selling more and…what their favourite songs were 🙂

Download the results of the UK survey

Skynamo Field Sales Transparency Gap Report