6 key beliefs that shape sales behaviour – 2min read

Beliefs shape behaviour. See this visual summary of views that salespeople in the UK and South Africa hold on six beliefs about field sales and the sales industry.

All of us hold beliefs that shape our everyday behaviour. Whether there’s reasonable grounds for holding those beliefs or not, they will shape the way we engage with things and people around us. Similarly, beliefs we hold about ourselves will influence how we respond in certain situations.

The same is true for people in the sales industry, they act and react according to the specific beliefs they hold about their industry and about themselves.

What beliefs might shape sales behaviour?

Below is a visual summary of views that salespeople in the UK and South Africa hold on six beliefs about field sales and the sales industry. Do you hold similar beliefs or not? How does it shape your behaviour in the sales field?


6 key beliefs that shape sales behaviour_Skynamo


How do these key beliefs shape sales behaviour?

Technology is more of a hindrance than a help

Your belief about whether technology helps or hinders your selling efforts will influence how willing you’ll be to adopt digital field sales tools. This will ultimately influence your ability to handle customer data and your level of service delivery.

Selling is about solving a problem for a customer

If you believe this to be true you will approach customers with the primary concern of meeting their business needs. You believe that customers will (and should) only buy from you if your product improves their operations.

Selling is about persuading a prospect to buy from me

Do you believe it’s possible to consider a prospect deciding not to buy from you as ‘winning’? Or are you more likely to try and persuade a prospect to buy your product at all costs? It very much depends on what you believe selling is about.

Sales reps and sales managers don’t trust each other

If you believe this statement to be true, you’ll be more likely to treat colleagues with suspicion and suspect that they treat you the same. Honest communication and collaboration will be more difficult and less likely in such environments.

Customers don’t trust salespeople

Believing that you’re not trusted when you engage prospects or customers will certainly add pressure and affect your behaviour during those encounters. Being certain of yourself and your product will go a long way to assure that you’re calm and assertive in those situations.

Field sales is not a well-respected occupation

You can be your own worst enemy if you believe this about yourself and your own occupation. Our research shows that field sales professionals are split in two on this matter. What do you believe?

Do you hold any of these beliefs? How do your views shape your sales behaviour?

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