B2B sales has changed – have you?

B2B sales has changed have you

As consumers have become more and more comfortable with online shopping, there has been an undeniable digital transformation in field sales. With the change in interface, digital expectations have changed, and today customers demand an online experience that mimics their past face-to-face shopping interactions.

Online behavior and a greater reliance on mobile devices for research and shopping mean this digital transformation in field sales requires radically different strategies. Whether in the B2C or B2B market, companies today are finding that personalized approaches and a wealth of knowledge are key to online success. Sales teams have had to make hard pivots and adapt approaches quickly to stay competitive.

As the industry shifts, so do industry norms, and teams who can keep ahead of the curve will excel. Here are some trends to help you stay ahead of the digital transformation happening in field sales!


Invest in digital sales content and content marketing

According to a 2015 Forrester report, six in 10 B2B buyers prefer online experiences to interacting with a sales force. They also want these interactions to flow with the same level of ease and convenience that top B2C portals offer them.

While B2B companies have been able to ignore this shift for some time, fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic means they can no longer afford to do so. Those who make use of digital sales channels find they reach target markets with greater ease, as they promise levels of lead generation that were nearly impossible in the past.

Customers today expect fast response times and personalized approaches in their digital engagement. As such, companies defining their digital content strategy should pay careful attention to the end-user experience.

Thankfully, digital marketing excels in providing detailed demographic data to help target campaigns more exactly than ever before. Digital marketing is easy to measure and provides accurate and real-time data.

Keyword search and online behavior research allows companies to customize campaigns with specific messages for niche customer groups. These personalized campaigns wield immense power over customers, and companies strategizing in this way see a significant rise in digital conversion rates.


Empower field sales representatives using technology

Keeping up with the digital transformation in field sales means implementing effective and top-class tech in your approaches. For starters, incorporating quality tech solutions in your content and marketing strategy will make your field sales teams’ lives easier.

Mobile sales analytics tools like Skynamo are now crafted specifically to assist in smoothing the digital transformation happening in field sales. The mobile sales app provides granular analytics data such as captured routes driven, customers visited, and time spent with customers.

The reports generated provide a bird’s eye view of productivity: find out who top performers are and make comparisons between monthly sales results at a tap of a button. This allows B2B field sales teams to easily capture orders and customer notes.

A strong technology plan can assist every aspect of your business. Scheduling, dispatching, and optimizing sales routes, improving inventory management, processing payments—streamline all these processes with tech solutions, so your sales team can maximize their time actually engaging, or planning more effective engagements with this data.

The tools are out there! One just has to use them, and build a clever tech implementation strategy to ensure they work in your favor.


Provide consistent sales experience through omnichannel approach

The hybrid digital/physical world we now live in means just focusing on one strategy isn’t going to cut it, though. B2B businesses need an omnichannel approach—one that strives reach a customer on as many touch points as possible.

Think phone calls and voice messages, email, text messages, and social media: you should be using all of these strategies in your campaign. This omnichannel approach will translate into better customer engagement and affirm your relationships with current and future customers. It will also translate into greater customer satisfaction—a prime goal for every organization.

It is imperative that companies formulate digital technology plans that account for all the ways a field sales team might interact with a potential customer. Investing in digital sales tools to assess metrics and engagement allows you to strategize when and how much to use which platforms, but use them all you must.

Next level digital transformation with Skynamo

Digital transformation has come to field sales, whether companies are keen to embrace it or not. As such, it’s time to build up your online presence to stay competitive. Strategies change, and the techniques to adapt with it have also changed.

The answer to adapting isn’t just to increase the workload of your field sales team, or increase field sales members without shifting strategy. In fact, by implementing newer sales tech, you can adapt efficiently while reducing your sales team’s stresses!

Skynamo’s mobile CRM and field sales analytics arm your team with tools and data for success. It also allows managers to assess team performance, and together to strategize the best engagement practices. Use sales tech like Skynamo to make happier sales managers, sales team members, and customers all at once!

Contact Skynamo and let’s get your digital transition started today.