The ultimate guide to creating a winning B2B sales strategy

The ultimate guide to creating a winning B2B sales strategy

The sweeping changes affecting B2B sales strategy didn’t happen overnight. Even before the onset of COVID-19, many B2B buyers had moved toward self-reliance to conduct their own research and share their findings with colleagues. Interaction with a salesperson often only occurs after the modern buyer satisfies their preference for self-discovery.

Today, B2B sales is about more than just selling products to generate revenue. The most successful sales teams dig into a prospect’s problems, offer viable solutions, and foster healthy relationships. How? With a winning B2B sales strategy.


What is a B2B sales strategy?

B2B sales differs from B2C sales in numerous ways and requires different tactics. In general, it’s less about marketing and more about addressing a buyer’s entire range of needs. In addition, companies must follow more stringent requirements and specific parameters before they can make a purchase. For sales agents, however, perseverance will always be worth it, as B2B transactions often mean bulk and even recurring sales.

Buyers look to sellers for solutions to their problems. The more boxes a vendor’s solution checks, the better for the buyer. Sellers must develop a strategy that specifically addresses the needs of their target buyers. In a B2C environment, it might work to sell your product to the entire market spectrum; but that same strategy in a B2B setting is a recipe for disaster.

So, how do you formulate a B2B strategy? Here are tried and tested B2B sales strategy ideas that can help you close more deals and outpace your competition.


Identify B2B Challenges specific to your business

For B2B vendors, it’s not enough to know the features and benefits of the products you sell. You must also be able to address the specific requirements of individual clients, including:

Highly personalised service

All-purpose catalogues and regular reports won’t cut it. In a B2B environment, each buyer might have certain needs, processes, and requirements. So, sellers should develop catalogues that only contain the items each specific buyer needs instead of the entire product list.

Pricing also requires a highly personalised setting. Whether negotiated or tiered, a buyer’s pricing agreement with the seller is often unique and applicable only to them. For instance, it can include special payment terms sellers won’t extend to anyone else. However, this only works if both parties are completely in sync with each other.

Buyer’s complex decision-making process

Instead of having a single decision-maker, B2B sales often involve a committee of buyers to achieve consensus. Apart from the buyer, the typical B2B organization will need the finance department to approve the spending budget, consultations with the actual end users, and additional researchers to vet the process.

Sellers who want a more succinct process will find their patience and resources tested formidably. However, savvy veterans don’t mind if clients take weeks, months, or even a year before they agree on a deal. They know the wait is often worth it when it comes to B2B sales.

Align your unique selling proposition

It’s easy to identify your niche market, but that doesn’t make you a lock for its needs. You’ll need to convince your buyer with your unique selling proposition (USP) to close the deal.

Creating the USP hinges on a very basic premise: why this particular buyer would want to buy from you and no one else. If you can answer that question satisfactorily, you won’t have to worry about your rivals cutting in.

To develop the relevant USP, spend time with your prospect and ask questions. Conduct your own research on your client’s challenges and the exact solution they want. Then, go over these answers carefully and align them with your solutions to see if they fit.


Pick the selling strategy that will address your needs

The most effective way to ensure your business succeeds is to develop a B2B sales strategy. B2B sales involve multiple complex negotiations and B2B-specific website development tactics, so strategies that address this will ensure you build relationships that lead to sales.

Here are some proven sales strategies you can try:

Set up sales enablement

Sales enablement aligns your goals with your customer’s needs by giving your sales team the resources they need to answer client questions. When your team is equipped with all the available knowledge and resources, the client will clearly see that their interests align with yours.

We also know today’s B2B buyers are more independent and prefer doing their own research. Ensure the right information about your solutions is made widely available through your website and other public sources, as it will ultimately make its way to buyers.

Bring B2B buyer personas to life

You should also invest in the development of accurate B2B buyer personas, as they will serve as the models for your B2B sales strategy. This is an effective way to align your sales efforts with your niche market – clients will appreciate your business when they see your solutions address their needs perfectly.

Developing a buyer persona is easier than you think – simply look at your current customers and note their similarities. You can also look at the organizations your clients follow on social media to get to know them better.


Build your B2B sales strategy with Skynamo

B2B sales takes time and patience. The buyer’s journey is more complex, so your solution must align perfectly with what a client needs. To accomplish this, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the client’s problems.

Skynamo is a field sales application that enables sales teams to work as effectively remotely as they do in the office. It also allows field sales agents to provide up-to-the-minute information on product availability and price, and lets clients place on-the-fly orders. In addition, managers can access Skynamo to track their sales teams’ activities while in the field. This lets managers continuously shift their priorities so they can assist the agents who need help the most.

Are you looking to develop the ultimate B2B sales strategy? Let Skynamo help. We’ll gladly arrange a free demo of what Skynamo can do for your business.


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