Skynamo works like “magic” – it changed the way I manage my field sales team

Manage my field sales team

Skynamo helps businesses spend more time with customers, develop more knowledgeable field sales reps, and get sales managers more involved in customer conversations.

Guest post by Nadeem Ayyub, Director at Rockcliffe Group Ltd.
We are a halal frozen foods manufacturer and food importer with a wide range of products like kebabs, burgers, sausages, ready meals, vegetables and samosas. We began as a family business 20 years ago. We have recently launched our new brand Zulekha, aiming to be the UK’s leading halal brand.

Life before Skynamo

We now service many clients, and it used to be difficult for our reps to know which stores they had last visited, which orders had been taken and what conversations they’d had. Potential orders were also missed, because we had no visibility of who else was in the area as reps did their daily visits.

Before we started using Skynamo, we used to screenshot photos of our A4 order pads and send them back to the office. Also, phoning the office to check on important customer information was critical. Admin was a nightmare, with many reports and paperwork taking hours to get to the office.


Life after Skynamo

Skynamo works like “magic”

Skynamo has changed all of that. It helps us to run our food production and import business, as our sales reps use Skynamo to manage our customer relationships, specifically whilst visiting them and placing orders in the field.

Now, orders are placed in real-time and appear in our Sage accounting system “like magic”. We have saved hours on admin and unnecessary re-keying of orders and correcting of mistakes. All of this allows us to serve our customers better by freeing up our reps’ time to concentrate on building those relationships.

Our reps now have all the information they need – wherever they are!

Our reps now have full visibility of when they last visited their customers, as well as any office interactions with all associated history and trading that has gone on. Our salespeople also no longer have to call the office to find out what’s been happening there. They have all the information they need to hand.

Skynamo has been particularly helpful as we’ve navigated the pandemic

Skynamo has been particularly helpful as we’ve navigated the pandemic, because one of its big advantages is that everyone has their “office” with them at all times, so they don’t need to be at the office – or at home if it’s difficult to work with the kids and family at home. Skynamo provides information that we need to do our jobs wherever we are!

We can open the app from anywhere and see all our customers in the area, which is great, because it helps to point out which stores are in the area. This really helps us to be very efficient and allows us to do more visits. More visits usually means more business, which is great.

And we have all the info we need from the field

Our office now has insight into what our reps have done every day. This two-way communication between the field and the office really helps us to follow our sales process through. If our sales reps do not manage to get an order from our clients, they will leave a comment on the timeline with instructions for the office team to follow up.  By following up, we can often secure an order via the phone at the right time. This real-time information is extremely valuable.

I now coach my reps rather than manage them

Skynamo has also helped me, as a manager, because it gives all of us full transparency within the business. This helps us to build a solid trust foundation, which actually empowers our sales reps to perform at their best. We now coach rather than manage.

We highly recommend Skynamo

We’re so delighted with Skynamo that we highly recommend it – even to our competitors! During these difficult times, it will really help your sales efforts. And let’s face it – the pandemic is tough enough. We should all be helping each other out!

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