The good news about the bad news about Handshake Rep

Shopify is closing down Handshake Rep ordering app

The news that Shopify was closing down Handshake Rep ordering app on 30 June this year may have shaken many businesses, but we have good news! Skynamo offers a Handshake Rep order alternative so that Handshake users can continue writing orders and selling in the field.


If you’re not sure of the whys and wherefores, Shopify bought Handshake in 2019, and all the signs were there that its rep ordering app wouldn’t be around forever. Shopify stopped updating the app, they didn’t take on any new customers and even outsourced customers. And then in late February came the news that their sales rep app – Handshake Rep – would cease to be at the end of June.


But all is not lost! We are here to lend a hand and can easily move Handshake Rep users on to Skynamo – – with seamless ERP and financial package integrations. Skynamo does everything that Handshake did for its users – and more. It’s the leading field management software and mobile ordering app used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to manage their field sales team and capture orders in the field.


Skynamo integrates with back-office systems such as ERP, financial and CRM systems to provide improved order accuracy and order fulfilment turnaround times, so that finance and sales departments work in sync, nailing targets together.


The benefits of Skynamo’s ERP-sales software integration are:

  1. Accurate product inventory and pricing –an accurate view of inventory, pricing and customer-specific discount rates.
  2. Payment details –visibility on payment terms, customer history, customer credit limits and buying cycles.
  3. Data collection – ability to gather information critical to a business’ financial decision-making process out in the field.
  4. Order processing – Sales field feedback is immediate, and accurate delivery promises can be made to customers.
  5. Offline access – Skynamo allows sales teams visiting premises with poor or no internet access to do everything as usual, knowing that new information will immediately sync with ERP or financial systems once they get internet access again.


To find out more about the benefits of moving to Skynamo and how Handshake Rep users can benefit, visit