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Research continually confirms that coaching positively influences sales rep performance. Yet, a transparency gap continues to exist between sales managers and sales reps, preventing effective coaching from actually happening. Skynamo is changing the sales conversation and bridging this gap.


Coaching in the dark


Managers often face the frustration of having very little insight into what their reps are doing out in the field, having to rely on assumptions. This lack of transparency has at least two negative consequences:


1. reps are unfairly held responsible for failures to reach sales goals

2. managers spend most of their time micromanaging instead of coaching their reps


Skynamo is changing the sales conversation by bridging the trust gap between managers and reps. Managers have instant insight into field sales activities and a continual coaching conversation is now a reality.


Managers can now identify why some reps struggle and help them work on their weaknesses rather than simply showing them the door.


Managers no longer ask, ‘why aren’t you overcoming these challenges?’ but rather suggest, ‘these are possible solutions to our challenges’.


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“We always prefer to ‘coach up’ rather than ‘coach out’.”BED Holdings, Skynamo user




‘We have a philosophy: we always prefer to “coach up” rather than “coach out”. We prefer not losing our reps. All reps have different strengths and weaknesses and Skynamo allows managers to hone in on those qualities and coach them as individuals.’ – Mike Giltrow, CEO of BED Holdings


Management is able to see the number of visits a rep is making and the amount of time they are spending at a customer versus the business opportunities with that customer. This helps managers to coach the rep and determine if they are spending too much time at a customer for too little return. By keeping managers in touch with their reps, Skynamo enables them to provide immediate support on any complex issues that might arise.


Read the complete BED Holdings case study here…



Skynamo continues to change the sales conversation by creating a transparent sales environment that fosters coaching and mentorship. Transparency is key to achieving mutual trust between sales reps and their managers. 



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