How will you celebrate National Salesperson Day? – 2min read

Here’s a great excuse to celebrate your talented sales team, or to recognise those trusted

sales consultants who help you make the right buying decisions. Every year, on the second

Friday in December, we celebrate National Salesperson Day.



Long live the salesperson!

“Nearly 40% of field salespeople we surveyed in the UK and South Africa would not recommend field sales as a career to a young person.”


“There’s an ongoing debate about whether salespeople will become obsolete as technology continues to change the business landscape.”


Statements like these can easily paint a very bleak picture to anyone planning to enter the industry. And perhaps they resonate with experiences or fears of those already in the industry. But as we’ve so often highlighted, people will remain central to sales success and many of the struggles that frustrate field reps can be overcome with the rights sales tools. We’re continuing to collect positive stories from our customers about how choosing the right technology changed the way their salespeople perform and collaborate as a team. 


Yes, reports of the death of the salesperson are indeed, to borrow from Mark Twain, greatly exaggerated.  It’s rather a matter of choosing technology that will allow people to flourish in the sales industry.




Celebrate your sales team and help them celebrate sales success more often

Peter Drucker famously said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” It follows, then, that until someone buys something, nothing has happened. Salespeople are, and will remain, the irreplaceable point of contact between a business and its customers. They are the difference between a great idea, the best story, the most advanced products or innovative solutions, and someone actually ‘buying’ into something brilliant.


As one of our customers, Christoff Sonnekus from Triangle Lubricants, aptly reminded us: “Customers buy the sales rep first, before they buy the product or brand represented by that salesperson.”


If this is true – and we believe Christoff is spot on – making sure that your sales team is not only celebrated, but given everything they need to represent your brand well, is vital. At Skynamo, we grab every opportunity to celebrate and encourage the people who make our brand and business happen. Especially if it means food is part of the equation! So much so, that it’s become a weekly event known as Milestone Monday (ask the next Skynamo employee you meet about it ). But more importantly, we’re continually exploring new ways and considering new tools that will help them celebrate sales success more often.


How will you celebrate your sales team this National Salesperson Day? And, what new approaches or new technology are available out there to help them celebrate sales success more often?