Less admin, but not less organised – a revolutionary approach to sales success – 3min read

Admin is unavoidable and necessary. It’s crucial to sales success. And yet, sales teams consider it a major obstacle to efficiency. Sales teams who sell more while doing less admin share their secret.


To admin, or not to admin?


Admin is necessary.  It orders and directs all our other duties and endeavours and helps us keep up with what has been accomplished and assists us in how best to prioritise and approach remaining duties. Daily admin keeps ships afloat and trains on track. (It also slowly eats away at all that is light and joyful in this life!)

Time spent on admin is consistently identified by sales teams, who believe that daily sales admin prevents them from reaching the goals they set out to achieve, as a major obstacle to efficiency .

These sales teams face a dilemma: less time spent on admin means a less organised approach to selling and ultimately less sales; more time spent on admin means less time spent selling to customers in person and ultimately less sales.

Good news. This is a false dichotomy. There are other options. There’s an approach that solves this dilemma. And no, we’re not suggesting you complete your call reports and order placements after hours!


Less sales admin and Increased sales.



A very different approach to sales admin


Field sales teams are switching to mobile technology specifically to reduce their admin. Here’s feedback from sales teams using our mobile sales app, who have seen a drastic decline in time spent on admin and their sales teams freed up to spend more time in front of customers building relationships and selling:

  • ‘It feels like we have no admin at all!’


‘Admin efforts are spent where they count. Our customers experience this and realise that we’re more professional in the way we look after their accounts now. At least 3-4 hours that used to be spent on admin can now be applied elsewhere… “There’s so much less pressure and stress, which increases our efficiency. Honestly, it feels like we have no admin at all!”’ – Permoseal   


  • New admin approach results in sales success


‘We were surprised to discover how much our reps embraced the admin side of their jobs since using Skynamo. It has become less time-consuming and aids their sales performance.’ – BED Holdings | Read full case study here…


  • Time previously spent on admin now available for direct selling activities


Call reports are no longer done on paper, photocopies no longer need to be made, trips to and from the office to search for or deliver documents are no longer necessary, and it is easier to pull up reports during sales team meetings or customer visits… “Digitalisation, along with all the other benefits already mentioned, contributed to the fact that time previously spent on admin was now available for direct selling activities.”’ – Protekta Safety Gear | Read full case study here…


  • A new, uncomplicated system means less admin


‘Reps were given the means to play a more active role in structuring and managing their own schedules and routines. Skynamo has reduced admin for the reps to a large degree and consolidated all our manual paperwork and checks into one system without over complicating things… “The app is very user-friendly. It took our reps just one week to realise how beneficial it is to them and they were only too happy to embrace it.”’ – Safe Top | Read full case study here… 


  • Time wasted and excessive admin now spent on selling activities


‘“Our salespeople spent 85% of their day on planning and admin activities. Skynamo removed much of the time-consuming tasks that prevented them from spending more time with customers, by simplifying the reporting process.”’… The result is that salespeople now spend the majority of their time on income-generating selling activities. – Atlas Oil | Read full case study here… 


  • Managers spend at least 2 hours less on daily admin


‘Managers and reps alike are benefitting from more time away from work, spending time with family or on leisure activities… “Previously, every rep had to send me a full report at the end of the day, now I have real-time access to reports as they are updated. Full, immediate and accurate insight into rep activities saves me at least two hours per day on admin, which means we can all get home earlier.”’ – Triangle Lubricants | Read full case study here…



Less sales admin and Increased sales.