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Learn how Skynamo technology helped companies enjoy more face-time with customers, increasing sales and cutting various costs in the process.

Companies worldwide are experiencing economic pressures and are tightening travel budgets to cut costs. Executives are turning to the telephone, the web and video conferencing to conduct business. 

However, according to a global Harvard Business Review survey, travelling to meet in person with key clients, partners and employees remains essential for selling new business as well as building and maintaining long-term relationships.

The use of digital communication like video conferencing, email and mobile apps is increasing, but in spite of this, more than half of the survey participants rarely or never use video conferencing. 



“There is an understanding in the current (economic) environment that we’ve all had to pull back travel,” said one executive. “But as the economy improves, we will start to see damage to the business if we are not out there. Bottom line: When I’m with clients less, I’m bringing in less revenue.”

Skynamo field sales platform


The survey revealed the following regarding face-to-face meetings:




Sales and business development were identified as the areas where success is most dependent upon in-person meetings. Face-to-face meetings were considered most effective for:


When asked, amidst the current economic challenges, what the most important driver of the future growth of their business was worth investing in, executives named the following: 


The survey reflects that sustainable selling and business development depends on recurring face-to-face meetings with potential and current customers.

It is clear from this research that business leaders understand that healthy relationships are crucial to sustainable business success.

What is also clear is that, with less than half the respondents seeing technology as a crucial investment path, business leaders aren’t certain of technology’s role in growing business relationships.

What we know is that Skynamo can and does change customer relationships because it’s a technology that increases face-time.

Skynamo changes the sales conversation and transforms business practices in a manner that results in more face-time with customers, increasing sales and cutting various costs in the process.


B2C Premium Drinks nearly tripled customer visits

Skynamo ensures that each customer is visited by a rep on a regular basis. Greater access to information about sales rep activities and interactions creates transparency and understanding; it helps trust to develop between sales managers and reps. Skynamo helps managers to be more hands-on with the reps, giving them a clearer understanding of the issues reps faced out in the field.

“Daily visits nearly tripled because of the transparency provided by Skynamo,” says Derryn Maclear, Salesforce Development Manager at B2C. “We have been able to assist our reps in doing more daily visits as we are able to help them plan their routes better.”

“Skynamo is vital for growing a business, because it helps you sort out the necessary kinks before you can even think about scaling.”

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Interstat rep’s customer visits increased by more than 25%

“As managers, we found it difficult to structure and monitor our reps’ working day without disrupting them and taking away from the time they could have spent with customers,” shares Lisa Joao Campbell, Sales Manager at Interstat.

“We’re very finicky about doing customer visits and doing them consistently. It’s a matter of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The moment you start visiting a customer less, you can immediately see a drop in their buying patterns.”

Skynamo helped transform Interstat’s sales process so that they may continue their commitment to their founding principles of offering the finest quality products, providing the best service and operating with the highest level of integrity.

Interstat sales rep, Brandon Rix, estimates that his productivity as a rep increased by about 25-30% now that he gets to each of his 100 customers at least once a month. “In the past, prior to using Skynamo, there was no way I’d be able to achieve that,” he shares.

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Skynamo field sales platform

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