3 main reasons Sage users choose Skynamo

financial manager and sales manager making a decision while looking at a laptop screen

Skynamo’s integration with Sage assures outside sales teams are included in companies’ broader organizational ecosystems. Business managers enjoy insights into outside sales activities and sales teams enjoy access to information they need to be better sales consultants.  


ERP strength lies in software integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools integrate various business software systems to make accurate information readily available to both internal and external stakeholders. An ERP is a business management platform that allows management to enjoy an overview of all business activities and connects the various organizational departments, helping them work together and share information in a simple and effective manner. They are typically used by larger organizations, but becoming more popular with smaller businesses too.

Companies invest substantial resources into choosing an ERP that best suits their organizational structure and needs. The return on investment and extent to which an ERP will help business owners successfully build their businesses depend on the level of software integration that is possible.

It is typical that different departments in an organization (finance, marketing, human resources, legal) each use software platforms or applications that best suit their own departmental needs. The extent to which different software can be integrated into an ERP determines the extent to which information can be shared throughout the organization.

Sales force automation (SFA) often remains the missing link for businesses, resulting in a failure to integrate outside sales teams more closely with the rest of the organization. Vital information gathered by field sales teams is not readily available when this is the case, while outside salespeople don’t enjoy updated information when consulting customers in the sales field.


Skynamo is the missing link

Sage is a market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, and many entrepreneurs can testify to the critical function that Sage fulfils as they build their business. Integration with Skynamo means that Sage goes one step further by also integrating outside sales teams as a knowledge base into the ERP and empowering them as business consultants in the field.

Skynamo integrates with Sage to provide field sales staff with access to the latest product, pricing, customer, and stock information stored in Sage while they’re on the road, via their mobile devices. The all-in-one field sales platform provides an easy-to-use mobile interface that captures customer visit notes, sales orders and allows viewing of accurate customer, product, and pricing information. ​

This collaboration allows for customized data to be at the fingertips of all key stakeholders within your organization when they need it the most: from finance teams to sales managers to sales teams out in the field. Not only are field sales activities and conversations visible to other stakeholders within the organization, but sales teams are able to address customer pain points better because of the information made available to them.


Three main customer pain points Skynamo addresses

1. Data ​accuracy

The problem?​

The majority of field sales executives are still expected to manually capture data. Most of this is in the form of handwritten information in notebooks or diaries, which leads to inconsistencies in the volume and quality of data being captured into systems. ​

Skynamo solution:​

Skynamo and ERP integration mean that field sales executives have accurate data on pricing, stock availability, product catalogues, customer balances and other information. This enables them to be able to place orders from the field directly into their ERP. Likewise, they are able to capture more accurate information to feedback to management.​


2. Relationship ​friction

The problem?​

There is a lack of transparency about what is happening out in the sales field. Sales managers cannot see what field sales executives are doing, where they are, how long they visit a customer for, and this results in a lack of trust. ​

Skynamo solution:​

Skynamo creates transparency between sales managers and field sales executives because sales managers are able to see, in real-time, what is taking place in the field. It allows sales managers to coach their team to success.


3. Time spent on admin

The problem?​

In a recent survey we conducted it revealed that approximately 65% of a salesperson’s time is not spent selling.

Skynamo solution:​

Skynamo users report that the sales platform increases face time with their customers by 15% to 25% within three months, and conversion rates increase by more than 15%.


Sage solutions are capable of carrying a business from start-up all the way through to enterprise. Learn more about Skynamo’s integration with different Sage products here.