Skynamo recognized as field sales software leader

Leading field sales software on G2

User reviews have recognized Skynamo with leadership status in the broader field sales software and the specialized route planning software categories on the G2 software review platform.


We’re proud to be named among G2’s Industry Leaders for Spring 2021! What does this mean, who rated us, and who were we up against?


Who does Skynamo compete against in the field sales software category?

Skynamo is rated against all other brands defined as ‘field sales software’. These are designed for sales professionals who do regular, in-person customer or prospecting visits.
GPS technology helps sales teams plan logical routes that maximize efficiency. Team members and managers enjoy mapped visibility of sales conversations, orders placed, and deals signed in real-time. Field sales software seamlessly connects outside salespeople to all their in-office colleagues through integration with other CRM software and financial platforms employed by their companies.

To qualify for inclusion in the G2 Field Sales category, a product must:

  • create physical sales routes;
  • allow managers insight into employees’ locations and progress;
  • integrate with a CRM or allow salespeople to record transactional information and contact details; and
  • create reports that outline sales activity and performance.


Route Planning feature a must for field sales software

Skynamo is especially proud of our achievement in the route planning category, as this is a critical feature all good field sales software should offer.
Route planning software for field sales teams exists to optimize customer visit planning, to ensure that customers have regular contact with sales reps. Route planning is a critical feature of the Skynamo field sales management software, used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Skynamo does not only provide visibility of customer locations and route optimization, but allows field reps to report live insights and place orders during customer visits.

To qualify for inclusion in the G2 Route Planning category, a product must:

  • provide standard delivery schedules that can be customized by users;
  • estimate distances and the time needed for different types of deliveries;
  • optimize routes using GIS information and historical delivery data;
  • account for constraints that may impact shipments;
  • allow users to adjust routes and schedules when needed;
  • include collaboration features for drivers and dispatchers; and
  • track the performance of deliveries and identify bottlenecks.

G2 review platform and rating methodology

G2 is the site “where you go to buy software”. Business software and service reviews allow buyers to compare the best options using user ratings and social data, and G2 takes pride in showing unbiased, aggregated reviews on user satisfaction in their ratings and reports.

Applying an algorithm that sources data from product reviews shared by G2 users, and data aggregated from online sources and social networks, reviews by non-users of a product are avoided. Learn more about G2 scoring methodologies.

Technology buyers can use the G2 Grid® to help them quickly select the best products for their businesses and to find peers with similar experiences. For sellers, media, investors, and analysts, the Grid® provides benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.


Skynamo awarded Field Sales software and Route Planning software leader status

Being awarded industry leadership status means Skynamo outperformed its competitors across a wide range of criteria, from ease of use and setup, to quality of product support service. The full list of software user needs that Skynamo ticked to achieve this award are the following:

Field sales software

  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of admin
  • Ease of doing business with
  • Meets requirements
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Quality of support
  • Product (development) going in right direction

Route planning software

  • Route assignment
  • Scheduling – adjustments
  • Scheduling – ETA
  • Optimization – priorities
  • Optimization – real time
  • Optimization – dynamic routing
  • Analytics – performance
  • Analytics – time and costs
  • Analytics – productivity


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Other G2 categories in which Skynamo received Spring 2021 leadership status

Skynamo G2 awards Field Sales Leader Spring 2021


Skynamo is the Field Sales Team Management software and Mobile Sales & Ordering app in one.

The mobile-first sales app and Field Sales Management software for businesses that do repeat selling and servicing to an existing customer base. Skynamo tracks and analyses sales rep activities and provide sales history, stock, pricing, and promotion information, so reps can make smarter decisions and sell more.