How to turn customer visits into sales with sales tools: a B2B recipe

How to turn B2B customer visits into sales with sales tools

Today, we’re delving into the kitchen of sales—equipped not with pots and pans but with nifty sales intelligence tools. If it feels like all you do is greet and seat, but never get to take people’s orders, let alone serve a three-course meal, then boy, have you landed on the right page!

Let’s begin with a splash of reality

Dive straight into the heart of sales for a moment. It isn’t just about the relentless chit-chat or the nifty powerpoints; it’s the cha-ching at the end of the conversation, right? So, picture this: 100 client visits that end up as lukewarm conversations; that’s like being all dressed up with nowhere to go. But 20 visits that lead to 15 sales? Now we’re talking Michelin star levels of B2B sales: the main course, dessert, and maybe even a glass of bubbly on the side!

Now, how do we ensure you consistently turn visits into sales?


Say “hello” to sales intelligence tools

They’re the secret seasoning, turning your raw data into a deliciously smart strategy.

Ready to take your B2B kitchen game from bland to grand? Here’s your recipe.


Quality ingredients are key

Just as a gourmet meal starts with fresh ingredients, successful sales start with quality data. Ensure your tools pull from reliable, updated sources. It’s all about that organic, farm-fresh data, folks!

Mix & match flavours

Different tools provide different insights. Some give a peek into client behaviour, while others shine a light on market trends. Blend them to get a holistic view. It’s like the perfect pairing of wine and cheese!

Taste as you go

Continuously monitor and tweak your sales strategies based on the insights provided. If one approach feels too salty, adjust your seasoning!

Serve it hot

Once you’ve got the insights, act on them pronto! Strike while the iron (or stove) is hot. Tailor pitches, strategize follow-ups, and prioritise leads to ensure every visit sizzles.

Presentation matters

Your tools should have intuitive dashboards and visualisations. A pie (chart) should not only be digestible but also pleasing to the eye.

Always prep for the next course

Sales intelligence tools offer predictive analytics. Like laying out the ingredients for the next day’s breakfast, anticipate future sales trends and customer behaviours.


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In a nutshell, if your sales have been more microwave meals than Michelin-starred magic, it might be time to revamp your kitchen with some top-tier sales intelligence tools. Turn that sales data into delectable insights, and watch as your B2B feasts become the talk of the town.

Bon appétit and happy selling!