Sales Tax in Skynamo

Skynamo is an international organisation with customers in a number of other countries and a goal to grow and expand globally.  In South Africa there are just two tax rates, 15% or Zero rated (Tax exempt). Outside South Africa, tax is a complex problem.  Most countries in the world have sales taxes or value-added taxes at all or several of the national, state, county, or city government levels đź”—with reduced rates in some cases, for basic food items, groceries, art, books and newspapers. đź”—In some regions there are multiple levels of government which each impose a sales tax.  

We have received many requests for the indication of tax on orders and quotes as a separate item on the Skynamo.

Before we could come up with a solution to adding sales tax on orders and quotes in Skynamo, we had to ensure that we understand the problem properly and consider different models and integrations with third party services.

After a lot of research and many planning sessions we came up with a solution that we think would address the problem the best.  You can now create different tax rates in Skynamo and then apply them per line item per price list.  This would allow us to give a breakdown of tax per line item in our order emails.  You can also set one of these tax rates as your default tax rate to apply to an item if it was not specified for the item on your price list.  This could help in the case where most, or all of your products, have the same tax rate that applies to it.

Tax rates can be created and set up one-by-one manually from Insights or imported with your product list.  Our Skynamo services team would also be able to help you to set up the integration with your ERP to get and apply tax rates on your products.

For more information on setting up tax rates, please go and have a look at our support page or feel free to contact our support team for help.