For the love of sales – how to rekindle the flame

For the love of sales technology

Ah, sales. The art of persuasion, the thrill of the chase, the sweet sound of “Yes, I’ll take ten!” But let’s be honest, sometimes the fire dims and you find yourself lost in a sea of CRM updates, cold calls, and the dreaded quarterly targets. Fear not, my fellow sales warriors! It’s time to fall head over heels in love with sales all over again. Let’s bring back that spark, shall we?

Love at first site

Remember that first site visit you did? You, like a modern-day Cupid pull up pumped and ready to go, armed with nothing but a product catalogue and a winning smile. The butterflies in your stomach are on caffeine or something stronger, and you’re not sure you can remember your name. And, at the first “we’ll take it!” you lose your heart to sales, and think, “This is love!”. 


Commission aside, sales is a romance. You don’t just sell a product; you create a connection and build relationships stronger than the glue that holds your sales brochures together.


If your memory needs a jog down memory lane, here’s why you love the sales game

  1. You’re free and flexible: You’re not chained to a desk. Sales is your passport to the world – or at least the local coffee shop.
  2. You love to win: Every sale is a new adventure, a puzzle waiting to be solved, a sprint waiting to be won. Who doesn’t love a good chase?
  3. Never a dull moment: Sales is as dynamic as your own reality show, with plot twists and turns at every corner. Who needs Netflix when you’ve got real-life customer dramas?
  4. Sky’s the limit: In sales, your earnings are directly tied to your efforts. Dream big, aim high, and watch those numbers soar!


How to reignite your passion for sales

Feeling a bit out of love with sales? Let’s spice things up again!

  1. Rediscover your why: Remember the reason you fell in love with sales. Was it the people? The thrill? The free pens? Reconnect with your inner sales guru.
  2. Embrace technology: Admin and sales people are like oil and water: they just don’t mix. And it is usually a mess when they do. Use tools like Skynamo to take the drudgery out of sales. It’s like having a personal sales assistant who doesn’t complain about your coffee choices.
  3. Continuous learning: Be like a sponge, Bob – absorb knowledge, sales skills, and sales jokes. The more you learn, the more you earn (and laugh)!
  4. Set fun goals: Challenge yourself to turn the most sceptical customer into a raving fan. Make it a game – outwit, outlast, outsell the rest (Survivor, anyone?).
  5. Celebrate every victory: Got a “maybe” from a tough client? That’s a small win! Celebrate the little things. Balloons and confetti are optional but encouraged.
  6. Network like a pro: You love talking to people. So, every person you meet is a potential story, sale, or a friend. Networking is just making friends with business cards.
  7. Self-care: Sales is a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself. Remember, a relaxed salesperson is a magnetic salesperson.


Ready to wrap it up? Let’s tie a bow around it

Falling back in love with sales is about rediscovering the joy, the challenge, and the adventure that drew you to this career in the first place. Be bold, be brave, and most importantly, be yourself. Sales is not just about numbers; it’s about stories, experiences, and the joy of connecting.

So, put on your sales cape, flash that winning smile, and get ready to conquer the world – one sale at a time. Remember, in the grand love story of life, sales is the suave protagonist that makes the world go round. Here’s to the love of sales! 🥂💼💖