Sharing Your Skynamo Calendar

In a day and age where we use multiple tools to help us with our daily tasks, it is important to make sure nothing slips through.  Sharing calendar events between your work email account and your Skynamo account is something that our users have been asking for a while.  A couple of months ago we started working on a project to help our users with their planning and visibility of their schedules.

We have released the first step in sharing calendar information.  For now, you can share your Skynamo scheduled visits and tasks to any other calendar app that you use by creating a link to your Skynamo calendar and add it to your work email account.  You can even share this link with your colleagues should you want them to be able to see when you might be available for a meeting.  Be aware of who you send this link to as anyone with this link will be able to see your schedule in Skynamo.  For more information on how to share your Skynamo calendar, please have a look at our support page here or feel free to contact our support team for help.

We are currently still working on connecting your work email account to Skynamo to be able to see your work schedule on your Skynamo calendar as well.  Having more visibility on your schedule should help you plan your week better.

Here at Skynamo we aim to release bigger features in smaller chunks to get feedback from our users faster to ensure we build the right product for you.  We would love to get your feedback on what we have created so far.  Please feel free to send us feedback on sharing calendars to or go and log your next idea on the Skynamo Idea Board.