What is Custom Questions on Orders?

Whenever you read “Custom Questions on Orders”, we refer to orders, quotes and credit requests, not just orders.

What are Questions on Orders?

Additional information on orders can improve the efficiency of processing them. We only allow gathering additional information in the format of a comment, a reference or additional recipients on the order. 

What are custom questions on orders?

“Custom Questions” on orders refer to those current fields as mentioned (comment, reference, recipients) that can now be customised. This will work like any other form in Skynamo, think custom visit forms… Any type of custom field could be added to an order form. Orders, quotes and credit requests can have their own forms with their respective questions as needed.

This allows gathering information like:

  •  delivery dates on orders, 
  • pictures of products or parts, 
  • terms and conditions, 
  • sketches of what a product should look like, or 
  • “Reason for return” on a credit request.

What will we not be doing?

It is important to note that we can NOT yet customise line items on orders.  That would require a complete project on its own in the future.  You would also not be able to customise the layout of the order.  The only customisation would be to change the questions on the order.

How will we go about releasing “Custom Questions on Orders”

This project was broken up in two phases.

Phase 1 – Make orders work and look the same everywhere

Orders on Android work through three different steps; 

1) fill-in questions, 

2) select products and pricing,

3) finalise and sign the order. 

All of this happens in the same step on Web and iOS. For phase one, Web and iOS will also be split into three different steps as in Android.

Feedback from our users was that filling in questions like who has to receive the order mail and when it must be delivered doesn’t make a lot of sense before you selected which products to buy, the natural flow is to start with adding products. Therefore, while we are busy working on this, we will change the order of these steps. When you arrive at the customer the process would be as follow:

1) select the products that you want to add to an order,

2) fill in extra information as needed,

3) the customer has to sign off on the order if needed.

iOS Step 1          iOS Step 2          iOS Step 3-2

The last part of phase one is to unify what orders look like on Web. Orders everywhere on web and order emails will look exactly the same, so bye-bye confusion of “why can’t I just see all order info everywhere the same”.

The expected time for release would be end-February 2020.

Phase 2 – Make “Questions” customisable

Phase two will be the actual customisation of the questions on orders. Order questions can be customised the same as visits. A new order, quote and credit request type of form will be added. These forms can then be customised to have the respective questions as needed.

The expected time for release would be about mid-March 2020.

Do you want a bonus feature?

While we are working on this we might be adding a bonus feature or two. Remember we spoke about a unified look and feel for orders on web and order emails? Well, this will be designed in such a way that it would be easily printable in PDF format, and heck, maybe we will even attach them as a PDF to emails as well, who knows?😜

Any Questions?

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and chat with one of the product team members, our door is always open and we’d love to chat with you.