10 most popular Skynamo blog posts of 2020

Skynamo blog posts

Tips on how to realign sales strategies and business practices – in what has been the most difficult year of the decade and in many sales professionals’ careers – drew the most interest among readers. Other exciting news that was widely read and shared was the opening of Skynamo’s US headquarters in Atlanta. 


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business manager building jenga-like strategy blocks

The one strategy that has fared best during past economic downturns

Harvard Business Review analyzed 4700 companies across 3 global recessions to identify 4 generic strategies that were followed and identified the one that fared best. Which are you following?



smiling businessman looking at mobile phone while holding tablet in his other hand

The necessity for outside salespeople in the age of inside sales

The digital age brought with it an industry shift to rely more heavily on inside salespeople – with great success. We recognized that outside salespeople remain crucial to business success and asked how digitization can best serve their role.



salesman congratulated by socially distanced colleagues after a successful sale

Smash sales targets despite lockdowns and economic downturns

Smart work during an economic downturn can put you in the best position to make big gains further down the line. Our customers taught us valuable lessons about how Skynamo helped them to harness accurate data to adapt sales approaches and win through it.



3 factors help sales teams build trust in times of uncertainty

Our data highlights three factors that play a significant role in outside sales teams’ ability to visit their customers regularly, build trust, and improve their sales.



big company zoom meeting on computer screen

How Skynamo makes working from home, work as usual

Sarah Rice (CPO) and Sam Clarke (CEO) share how we transitioned into remote working mode. What’s been most challenging and what opportunities might this provide?



woman looking at digital sales report graphs on her mobile device and laptop

Don’t “go digital” if it’s not simplifying field sales management

Choosing sales automation software that is the right fit for your business can be confusing. Here are 8 key features that simplify the sales management process and increase sales team productivity.



businessman not wearing pants working from desk at home

Top 10 things Skynamo customers can do while in lockdown

Skynamo changes the sales conversation. Even now that many salespeople are forced to operate from home only, your sales team stays connected to information, to customers and to one another. Here are 10 steps you can take to move things forward, even though your job looks a little different right now.



Aerial view of people gathering at The Battery Atlanta

Skynamo selects Atlanta for North American headquarters, appoints Stan Deak as GM

Skynamo appoints seasoned General Manager to accelerate growth and share why they chose Atlanta as their North American headquarters.



boss' finger pointing to wrist watch telling employee to hurry up

7 reasons micromanagement is bad for you and your business

It is very tempting to micromanage projects you oversee. How else will you make sure everything happens according to plan? But to micromanage a project is to micromanage people, and it destroys productivity and ingenuity in them.



store clerk counting stock while wearing a face mask

10 Health & Safety tips for Field Sales Reps in the COVID-19 economy

Occupational Health Specialists are helping us put together a Coronavirus Health & Safety Guide for field sales teams returning to work. Here are 10 tips for minimizing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus while visiting customers and prospects in the field.



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