The 7 most read Skynamo blog posts of 2018 – 3min read

In case you missed it, here is a throwback to our most read blog posts of 2018. Unsurprisingly, the common thread in all of them is Trust – right up to the startling results of our Trust Report which we released a few weeks ago.

1. How to create instant trust as a sales rep


What does it mean to be trusted by someone? What does it take to be trusted by someone? What does it take to be instantly trusted by someone you’ve never met before?


Learn how to develop ready-made solutions to create more trust tomorrow than you did today by using the Instant Trust Triangle.



2. 10 habits successful sales reps incorporate into their daily routines


“The structure of the daily habits of successful salespeople matters far more than any one secret strategy”, argues sales strategist Marc Wayshak. “Superstar salespeople are doing little things over and over each day in order to close massive sales and close more sales than the average salesperson”.


Sales habits are acquired over time but not set in stone. In this post we share 10 healthy habits that all successful salespeople adopt into their daily routines, reminding readers that there are brilliant sales tools out there to help them with their habit-forming process.



3. This is the way you bridge the gap between Sales and Operations to sell more


Last year, CSO Insights released research which showed that only half of the world’s salespeople are making their targets.


How can that be? With mobile devices, CRM systems and improved sales methodologies you’d think that salespeople would be better equipped to sell more than ever before. And yet, CRM systems fall short in delivering the data and tools field sales reps need to sell.


Skynamo offers a software solution to bridge the gap between ERP and CRM systems, providing field sales reps with a single interface to access data and functionality in both systems instead of jumping between two different applications on their mobile device.



4. Four things you can do right now to increase trust within your sales organisation


Trust is important in sales. Yeah, we know, a bit of an obvious statement to start with. But we aren’t talking about the need for trust from the consumer, which is very important. Instead, we’re talking about the importance of trust between you and your sales team – which is critical to collaboration and improving sales performance. Read more about how Skynamo is changing the sales conversation.



5. Why the future of sales is about people… with technology


There is an ongoing debate about whether humanity or technology is more crucial to the future flourishing of businesses. And with that, the question of whether sales jobs will become obsolete.


When we listen more carefully to what is being said in these debates, however, it is reasonable to conclude: The Future of Sales is About People Using Technology Wisely.



6. How GPS tracking is changing the sales playing field, for the better


GPS technology has been adopted by a variety of sports with profoundly positive effects on team performance and player well-being. Sales teams are enjoying similar benefits to sport teams as they embrace GPS technology, recognising the positive impact it has on their team culture and sales success.


We learned that, as in the case of sport teams, transparency is key in adopting and benefitting from GPS technology.



7. Study: UK field sales reps spending just 27% of their time actually selling


Skynamo conducted a study among UK salespeople which delivered fascinating results. We found that salespeople are prevented from doing their job by relationship, data and technology friction that is sabotaging trust and creating inefficiencies.


Better access to data and the right technology can help transform the sales conversation and create the means to enable trust, efficiency and performance.


Download your free copy of the UK Trust Gap Report now to learn more about the frictions that hinder sales team from operating smoothly and how others are overcoming these obstacles.



Skynamo Field Sales Transparency Gap Report