8 most popular Skynamo blog posts of 2019 – 2min read

Here’s a throwback to our most read blog posts of 2019. It’s no surprise that practical sales advice and industry benchmarks drew our readers’ attention. And, of course, two major company milestones made some waves. 


Count down from number 8 to 1 with us…


business woman standing at desk checking the time on her wrist watch

How many hours do top field sales reps work? – 2min read

Is there an optimal amount of hours a field sales rep should work per week? Does it depend on the industry they serve? Here’s the amount of hours we found field sales reps work per industry.


being lost while trying to use GPS application

The simple reason some sales teams fail to benefit from GPS tracking apps – 2min read

While most sales reps using GPS tracking apps tell of their many benefits, some remain concerned that it’s simply used as ‘policing tools’ by their managers. There’s a simple reason for this suspicion. 


little girl dressed up as super hero with American flag cape 

American Dreaming: Notes from Skynamo’s visit to the USA – 4min read

Skynamo has big dreams – ones that stretch far beyond the borders of South Africa. After opening our UK office in 2017, we are now planning our move to the States so a few of us went to ‘Murica to explore how realistic our dreams are. What we discovered was both sobering and exhilarating, and quite tasty!


12 best pieces of sales advice from Team Skynamo

12 best pieces of sales advice from Team Skynamo – 3min read

What is the number one piece of sales advice you’d give someone? Ever wished you received more regular advice as an inexperienced salesperson? We asked members of Skynamo’s business development team to share their best advice with readers.


multitasking businesswoman with many arms holding office equipment

If your sales team spends this much time on admin, it’s time to reconsider – 1min read

In a survey of over 400 field sales professionals we asked what they did during a typical week, concluding the time spent on admin could be better used on other sales activities.


sly sales rep rubbing hands together with naughty smile on his face

4 reasons why reps get a bad rap – 4min read

Salespeople face the challenge of having to represent their brands and win the trust of customers while negative labels hang around their necks. Here’s 4 reasons why reps get a bad rap and how the right sales tool helps them to shake off these labels.


demotivated businessman sitting at his desk in prayer position

Your business data could be in the wrong hands. Here’s the one question to ask to make sure it’s safe – 3min read

There’s always a trade-off with software services, or apps: convenience vs privacy. Entrusting sensitive customer, product and pricing data to a 3rd party can bring massive benefits, but at what potential data security risks? It just takes one question to know if your app provider is taking data security seriously and doing all they can to look after your data.


smartly dressed businesswoman looking down on city through a looking glass

This is why I want my sales manager to track me – 2min read

Over 40% of field sales professionals feel micromanaged by their managers, according to a recent survey. Catherine Naudé shares why she, despite resisting being micromanaged herself, wants her manager to track her whereabouts.



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