Automotive industry suppliers reveal that they are desperate for more clarity in the field

Suppliers to the World’s Automotive Industry Reveal That They’re Desperate for More Clarity in the Field

Lack of clarity, too much admin, but more sales than ever. This is what Skynamo’s most recent Global Field Sales Benchmark Report for 2021 revealed.


Skynamo – the leading app for field sales reps and managers – surveyed over 250 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors with field sales teams over the course of 2021 to find out what their biggest challenges are and how they use technology to overcome them.

In a separate survey, Skynamo asked over 700 sales managers and business owners with field sales teams what technology they use to manage their sales operations on a daily basis.


Blind spots and technology

Skynamo asked business owners, sales managers, and reps in the automotive industry across the globe what they found was the most challenging about their jobs and daily activities.

Their responses were very telling.


No clear view of the field

Their number one daily challenge is that they feel disconnected and out of touch when it comes to knowing what their sales teams are up to in the field.

Their responses not only speak to the impact of the disruption that the pandemic has caused to supply chains, suppliers, customers, and staff, but also to the pivotal role that field sales technology plays in bridging that gap, and reconnecting field sales teams with leadership.


Delayed by daily drudgework

Secondly, suppliers of parts, spares, and accessories to the automotive industry cited that the manual admin burden is overwhelming and never-ceasing. This is a major obstacle that holds sales teams back from more productive, profitable tasks.


Slowed down by complex processes

The survey further showed that respondents feel their current sales and field ordering processes are too long and complex. They feel this is one of the bigger issues that prevent them from using their time more effectively.


Technology under the spotlight

When it comes to technology, the benchmark report revealed that the automotive industry’s favourite ERP system is Sage.

However, and rather surprisingly, it was found that the majority of businesses in this industry did not have a CRM in place.

As a quick review, an ERP system covers all the back-office admin functions like accounting and inventory. A CRM system is more sales-focused, and streamlines and automates customer and sales activities. Those in the know opt to integrate the two platforms for an automated, click-click-go solution.

Interestingly, according to the downloadable benchmark report, these challenges are not unique to the automotive industry, but are common complaints cited by most companies who have sales reps in the field.


Good news

It is shown that these challenges are easily overcome when the right technology is deployed.

As leaders in the field sales technology sector, Skynamo is well versed in solving these challenges with easy-to-use, quick-installing, well-supported technology.

Skynamo helps both sales managers and sales reps plan and streamline their sales, gain greater visibility into field sales activities, and unlock data insights from their customers and prospects.


Sales is revving up

In addition to the two surveys in the benchmark report, the Skynamo Thermometer revealed some positive feedback on businesses that supply parts, accessories and spares to the automotive industry.

Of the 1000+ companies across 26 different industry segments being monitored, October 2021 has shown significant growth as the graph has continued its steady climb, as it has done since January 2021.

The automotive industry has already surpassed the sum of the average value of total orders per customer converted in 2020, in September of this year. The automotive industry has also seen a growth of around 30%, visible in the Skynamo Thermometer, since October 2020.


Better prepared for 2022

The challenges leaders in this space face today is to ensure sales continue to climb into the new year, that field sales reps are effective and productive, and that they have the right insights they need to make better, data-driven decisions in the face of unknown disruptions the future might present.

Leaders in the industry use data to make decisions. It is the most failsafe way to lead with confidence in this ever-evolving, volatile marketplace.

Download the full Global Field Sales Benchmark Report for 2021 today, and use the insights to review, plan, prepare, and be a step ahead of the competition next year. It’s for free, and it’s for you!

Field sales benchmark report 2021

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