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Together we can! How businesses can support each other in troubled times

this image shows a hand extended to another to help in a time of need


It’s safe to say that no one in the world is having an easy time of it at the moment. Between a pandemic that has ripped through companies and communities, uncertainty created by political factors such as Brexit and the US elections last year, and political instability all over the world – including in South Africa, where our head office is – life is challenging, and businesses have been hard hit.

Now is the right time to empower your outside sales team through digitization

Empower your sales team through digitization

Business owners and sales managers often share some scepticism related to digitization when having to choose outside sales software. This is understandable. Research suggests this most likely stems from past experiences linked to mishaps and inefficiencies that involved ineffective technology or clunky systems. But there is no better time to empower your outside sales team through digitization.