Does your CRM provide your sales team with the correct data insights?

Does your CRM provide your sales team with the correct data insights?

Sales technology has been at the right hand of sales personnel everywhere for years. Its development has pushed products and padded pockets with greater ease and consistency than ever before.

That is exactly why picking the right models for your company is mission-critical. Doing so means your team has the tools they need to thrive. These choices extend to the CRM software your company relies on for its day-to-day operations. Therefore, investing in the right CRM software ensures your sales team has the data insights they need to close more sales – sending profits and efficiency soaring.


Challenges faced by sales teams

Without great software facilitating the sales process behind the scenes, sales teams quickly run into challenges. Not only do these challenges make life harder for sales personnel, but they also stifle their individual performance and company success as a whole. Furthermore, these challenges come in many forms, most commonly:

1. Admin tasks take too much time

Sales teams spend too much time doing administrative work. Believe it or not, a recent Skynamo study found that 52% of business owners and managers felt their sales teams spend too much time on administrative tasks. However, with the right CRM, those very teams can dedicate more time to forging great customer relationships and closing deals.

2. Processes can be complicated

Spreadsheets, paper, and manual processes are outdated. Moreover, they waste time, resources, and money. Can you believe that 41% of sales reps still rely on email to place orders? That number can be reduced to nothing with an automated CRM system! Hence, by automating your processes, you give your team their most valuable resource back – their time. Help them help you.

3. Managers are having a hard time keeping track of team members

Many managers feel the need to know where their agents are at any given moment. Constantly bombarding them, however, disrupts the sales process and leads to a lack of trust on both sides. Stop these communication issues in their tracks with a GPS-enabled field CRM. It allows managers to see which products have been sold, which places have been visited, and important corresponding details.

4. Inaccurate customer information

Besides questionable data insights, another common problem in sales is inconsistency in information. Managers often question whether or not the customer information they’re receiving is accurate. With the right CRM system – one equipped to store survey results, meeting notes, product photos, and more – sales managers have seen as much as a 25% increase in year-over-year growth. We think that speaks for itself.


How a great sales CRM can help with data insights

‘Perfect’ doesn’t exist in life… but it just might in CRM software. With the Skynamo advantage, you can optimize data analytics, sales activity reporting, order and invoicing processing, and form management. Furthermore, with Skynamo’s integrated, user-friendly, mobile-first technology, all this can happen right from your fingertips.

Advanced data analytics prove invaluable, as they enable your team to be more informed and, therefore, better prepared out in the field. By automating these processes, your sales team gets more time to sell while your managers get to rest assured that none of it is being squandered.

Indeed, with mobile-first technology, you empower your reps to put their best foot forward by equipping them with the information they need to succeed.

Does your CRM provide your sales team with the correct data insights?

Get the best data insights and information with the right sales CRM

As the old saying goes: knowledge is power. Here are the six key pieces of information sales teams should always have access to:

  1. Route Planning

    Route planning enables sales associates to pinpoint their customers’ geographic locations. They can then plan their route to efficiently serve as many clients as possible on a given day. Maximizing travel efficiency is part of company resource allocation, as it inherently saves time and money.

  2. Task Management

    Task management features mean a sales associate can easily see which customers require a visit. As a result, teams can allocate reps to do just that.

  3. On-site Order Capturing

    On-site order capturing means reps can place product orders in real time – anytime, anywhere.

  4. Digital Product Catalog

    Having a ready-to-go digital product catalog means your agents (and therefore clients) have access to your entire inventory. Having these details on hand can be the difference between closing the sale and losing a client entirely.

  5. Customer Engagement History

    Keeping an active customer engagement history offers your reps the best chance to seamlessly pick up right where they left off with a customer. Those previous interactions inform future conversations, so use them!

  6. Customizable Forms

    Having around-the-clock access to customizable forms means your agents can keep even the most unique of operations moving forward with ease. Whether it’s surveys, audits, or scorecards, Skynamo gives you access to anything you could need to close the deal.

Ensure sales success with an all-in-one field sales CRM

To summarize, long gone are the days of pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets. Automate your online ordering with Skynamo – the best field sales CRM solution on the market – to free up precious time and resources. Streamlining onsite ordering, digital product catalogs, and customizable forms increase customer satisfaction and rep transparency – which, in turn, boosts company profits.

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