How Skynamo promotes collaborative working

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Has COVID-19 isolated you from your sales team and customers? Learn how you can use the Skynamo field sales app to make the most of selling from isolation.


In a time when working together – despite inconvenient circumstances ‒ is more important than ever, it’s vital to make working in tandem as simple and as engaging as possible. This is especially true in the field of sales, which is where Skynamo can help.

If you are working from a home-based office due to the COVID-19 outbreak and are not used to this way of working, it remains crucial to keep in contact with your co-workers, bosses and customers on a daily basis. This helps you avoid that sense of isolation in your day-to-day job and keeps the workforce closely knit during this time of crisis.


Collaborating with fellow reps

Whether you work from home or at the office, it is important to keep in touch with your fellow colleagues. This role can get especially lonely when most of your day consists of travelling on your own. Keeping up regular communication with your sales team is vital to your morale and ability to sell effectively. Luckily, Skynamo gives you a chance to connect with the rest of your sales team, assisting and encouraging one another to reach your sales targets through our revolutionary field sales app.

Skynamo has been developed around the idea that transparency delivers the best results for any business. Our field sales app’s features enable colleagues to share sales insights from conversations with customers. This will not only boost your morale but also help the company reach new heights, a win-win for all.


Collaborating with sales managers

An open relationship with your field sales manager that is built on trust is always beneficial, and Skynamo offers the perfect tool to create this kind of partnership. Our field sales software allows sales reps to quickly access tasks and targets that have been set by their managers. This allows them to be on the ball, organised and always on the same page as their managers.

This level of transparency leaves little chance for miscommunication, which is especially useful at a time where face-to-face contact is prohibited. This allows your sales business to triumph over the challenges posed by COVID-19 and continue to progress.


Collaborating with customers

Arguably the most important person you have to communicate with, if you are a field sales rep, is the customer. Understanding customer needs is the foundation of successful selling. With Skynamo, you are able to report all of the relevant information to the customer that could be vital in clinching the sale, such as product features, up-to-date stock availability and important sales trend analytics. This builds up trust between a rep and their customer, and inevitably leads to successful, long-term working relationships.



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