Is inaccurate field data hindering your sales success? – 3min read

Research shows that 9 out of 10 sales reps do not trust data captured and compiled by themselves in the field, but mobile solutions now guarantee accurate data, boosting their sales efforts


Sales reps sabotage their own selling efforts

Let’s start with the numbers.

According to research we recently conducted in the UK, a staggering 89% of field sales reps shared that the data they themselves record in notes during customer visits, meeting reports and their company’s CRM system, is inaccurate.

The same research revealed that nearly a third (28%) don’t trust their company’s customer data and almost half (47%) of these reps admit that this lack of accurate customer and product data is preventing them from doing their job well. It’s impossible to deliver a quality service and achieve sales success if you don’t have a true understanding of your customers and what their needs are.

Let’s think about this for a moment: sales reps are responsible for creating the poor – and to their mind untrustworthy – data that hinders their selling efforts themselves!

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How is this happening?

Thankfully, our research helped us understand why this is happening.

The two main factors hindering the ability to capture field data accurately are poor WiFi/internet coverage (41%) and poor phone signal (36%) when out on the road. Work pressure to get to the next meeting (39%) and interruptions from managers (32%) are also common issues. The effect of these interrupting factors is that nearly a quarter (23%) of reps wait until the end of the day to enter data, when they’re tired and can’t remember exact details discussed during customer visits.

Apart from these interruptions, nearly one in five (18%) cite being forced to use the wrong technology for the task as a reason for data accuracy flaws.

Skynamo help sales teams communicate more clearly and increase sales

Without proper data capturing tools, self-sabotage is inevitable

In South Africa, which may well be the case in the UK and other countries as well, we’ve found that sales reps are not only expected to use the wrong technology but often expected to sell using no technology at all.

Despite our customer Triangle Lubricants’ commitment to service delivery and their near faultless service record, they found that errors inevitably crept in when they used a paper-based system. “Someone forgetting the correct order details just once, could mean losing a big customer along the way,” shares their sales manager Christoff Sonnekus.

Another Skynamo customer, Interstat, also got used to errors creeping into their paper-based system. They sell a wide variety of very similar stationery products which means that product names and codes are very easily confused during ordering and consultation processes. Embarrassingly, customers were often provided with outdated or wrong product prices because incorrect product details were provided to the telesales team.

Mobile solutions focussing on sales rep needs guarantee accurate data  

Implementing the right mobile sales technology has had an impact on both Triangle Lubricants and Interstat’s ability to accurately capture client and order information.

“Having all the information they need at their fingertips because of Skynamo’s mobile app, our reps are able to answer questions more accurately and make more informed suggestions to customers,” explains Lisa Joao Campbell, Interstat Sales Manager.

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Skynamo has significantly helped Triangle Lubricants to eliminate small but crucial errors during order taking. Triangle reps now log order details while they are with the customer, who then confirms their own order in real-time. This ensures that the right orders are delivered at the right time.

“There’s no more talk of the one that got away,” shares a smiling Sonnekus, referring to Triangle Lubricants’ ability to better serve and retain customers since using Skynamo.

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Skynamo’s Field Sales Management software and Mobile Sales App assists field sales reps in capturing and compiling quality data which is crucial to long term sales success.




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