You don’t need to be a mind reader to know what your customers want – 3min read

Ever wished you knew exactly what your customers are thinking? Good news – it’s not actually that difficult to figure out what’s going on in their heads. Here’s how to know what your customers want.

Mind reading –  a gift or a curse? We’ve seen how things could go seriously wrong if we were actually able to read each other’s minds in the What Men/Women Want films. Perhaps it’s better not to know certain things. But for salespeople, being able to read minds sounds like the ultimate superpower doesn’t it?

Imagine knowing the real reason your customers aren’t buying certain products from you. Or having special insights into what they’ve been discussing with your competitors. Or properly understanding their needs and how to meet them. It could turn an average salesperson into a sales super hero.


A better understanding of what customers want

Unfortunately, mind reading isn’t one of the tools salespeople have available when they’re out visiting customers. Thankfully, it’s not a necessary one either.

Sales is a human profession that involves relationships and at its heart, trust. Customers will share more openly with those salespeople they trust, and trust is developed through regular face-time between customers and sales consultants.

Skynamo creates transparency, allowing trust to flourish.

It’s one thing to have meaningful conversations with customers, but a very different thing to convert those conversations into something of real value to customers.

Fortunately, tools that change the sales conversation in a meaningful way are available and are helping businesses understand what customers want. Skynamo users find that the mobile field sales app gives them a better understanding of customer needs:

1. Keeps track of customer needs, uncover new business opportunities

‘Our motto is, ‘It’s our business to know your business’. Collecting valuable information during customer visits enables our 32 sales reps to better serve their 3 000 customers, because Skynamo provides them with a better understanding of their business requirements. We’re now immediately aware of business opportunities we might otherwise have missed. On-site assessments of our customers’ manufacturing processes are easily documented, informing us of their future projects and requirements.’ – Mike Giltrow, CEO of BED Holdings Read full BED Holdings case study here…


2. No longer misinterpreting customer needs

‘Access to more accurate and regularly updated customer and product information through Skynamo meant we were no longer misinterpreting customer needs. From something small, like greeting a customer by name to the ability to ask the right questions at the right outlets enabled us to understand our customers and deliver services according to their needs.’ – Derryn Maclear, Salesforce Development Manager at B2C Premium Drinks Read full B2C Premium Drinks case study here…


3. There’s a difference between regular and quality customer interactions

‘We needed to find a way of accurately recording what happened during customer visits, so that follow-up visits could be more meaningful. It’s one thing to know you are visiting your customers regularly, another to say you’re providing them with quality visits. Skynamo helps us with planning and constructing our visits more strategically instead of simply making “courtesy calls”. We now serve our customers with valuable information, relevant to their individual needs.’ – Ernst Gottschalk, Sales Manager at Protekta Safety Gear Read full Protekta Safety Gear case study here…


4. Useful customer information now more accessible

Skynamo enabled us to build up a database of useful intellectual property. Information is now detailed, contextualised, and easily accessible. We’re able to serve customers better, because we have easier access to relevant and up-to-date information, and can implement better long-term sales strategies.’ – Jannic Zietsman, Sales Manager at Lionel’s Vet Read full Lionel’s Vet case study here…

Make sure your business has the right sales tools to turn regular customer interactions into quality sales conversations.


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