Only 30% of field sales reps enjoy access to mobile sales apps – 2min read

Our survey among UK field sales reps suggests that only 30% are given access to mobile sales apps and their benefits.

Effective field sales reps are able to act as consultants who guide customers in their buying decisions, provide accurate quotes, and submit orders seamlessly. Customer satisfaction depend on these basic services to be delivered consistently.

Field sales reps, in turn, depend on access to accurate information about products and customers, the latest pricing and stock information and the ability to act on that data, to sell effectively and satisfy customer needs.

We’ve found that only 30% of field sales reps have access to the mobile sales technology needed to properly capture data and provide them with useful information.


bar graph providing statistics on technology used by field sales reps

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Majority of field sales reps lack proper sales tools

Salespeople are often expected to make use of paper-based or low-tech tools to capture and process field data. More sophisticated accounting or ERP systems and CRM systems are used by many businesses, but these were not designed with field sales needs in mind and so overcomplicates the situation for reps. This is evident in the fact that nearly 40% of salespeople surveyed consider technology ‘more of a hindrance than a help’. Data is captured, processed and stored in multiple systems which aren’t easily accessible to reps, who spend much of their day on the road, away from the sales office.

The quality of information these systems deliver is ultimately dependent on how well data is captured in the field. Our survey shows that nearly 90% of salespeople don’t trust the data they themselves capture out in the field and this is largely due to using the wrong tools for the job.

A mobile-first and field sales focused solution

The right technology must be mobile-first and field sales focused. It should have the ability to change the sales conversation and transform business practices in a manner that results in more face time with customers, increasing sales and cutting various costs in the process. All this while providing salespeople with the means to capture data accurately and access useful information easily.

Field sales reps require a single interface they can use to access the data and functionality they need to do their jobs well, instead of jumping between various systems on their mobile device. In response to the many sales apps that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo was developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality – even offline.


‘Having all the information they need at their fingertips because of Skynamo’s mobile app, our reps are able to answer questions more accurately and make more informed suggestions to customers.’

Lisa Joao CampbellInterstat Stationery sales manager 

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