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7 positives Skynamo took out of 2020

It is not the year we’d want over again, but we did take some significant steps forward as a business and are proud of what we achieved during the unusual year that’s been. These are 7 positives Skynamo took out of 2020.

Now is the right time to empower your outside sales team through digitization

Business owners and sales managers often share some scepticism related to digitization when having to choose outside sales software. This is understandable. Research suggests this most likely stems from past experiences linked to mishaps and inefficiencies that involved ineffective technology or clunky systems. But there is no better time to empower your outside sales team… Read more »

10 most popular Skynamo blog posts of 2020

Tips on how to realign sales strategies and business practices – in what has been the most difficult year of the decade and in many sales professionals’ careers – drew the most interest among readers. Other exciting news that was widely read and shared was the opening of Skynamo’s US headquarters in Atlanta.

The 4 best ways sales teams can survive this pandemic

While the Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of business, it’s by no means the only economic downturn our world has faced. Feeling disheartened is normal, but facing this new era of business head-on with an outlook that seeks to overcome rather than compensate, is what will really make the difference.