Leading South African sales app rebrands to Skynamo

Formerly known as Honeybee, the sales app for Fields Sales Management has been rebranded as Skynamo as it continues international expansion.


As of the 1st of May, Honeybee, the Stellenbosch based Field Sales Management application company and its product will operate under the name Skynamo. The decision to rebrand was made when the company encountered another technology company operating in the United Kingdom under the name Honeybee.


“When we originally developed Honeybee back in 2012, we weren’t thinking beyond our South African borders,” says Sam Clarke, founder and CEO of Skynamo. “However, as we’ve entered new overseas markets we’ve realised there are other technology companies trading under the name Honeybee.”


The company has since grown its customer base to over 420 companies and over 4,500 users in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The mobile app and field sales management platform are used by companies with teams of sales reps who visit, sell to and service customers on a regular basis. Integration with CRM and ERP systems enables order-taking and customer management from the field, and GPS tracking reduces admin for sales reps and provides managers and business owners with insight into field sales activities.


GPS tracking mobile sales app


“The rebrand is bittersweet as Honeybee has become a recognised name for field sales users within our local market. However, for us to succeed in building a memorable global brand it must be unique and avoid any confusion with other brands,” continues Clarke. “We’ve done our trademark clearance searches, and we’re happy our new name is unique, distinctive and represents us well.”


The new name, Skynamo, was derived by combing three words that represent benefits the product delivers:

1. Sky – representing the unlimited sales potential users of their cloud-based app can experience,
2. Dynamo – representing the conversion of human energy to limitless sales potential its product delivers, and
3. Mobile – representing its mobile-first product development focus and superior mobile user experience.


The company is preparing to scale rapidly to enter and serve new markets and is currently seeking venture capital funding to support its ambitious growth plans. Skynamo is a member of the Alphawave group of software and electronics companies based in Technopark in Stellenbosch.


“We’ve turned this latest challenge in scaling our business into an opportunity to develop a brand that is more versatile and suited to a global market. With our new brand, Skynamo, we’re venturing into new markets with a greater sense of optimism and confidence that we will achieve our ambitious goal of becoming a globally recognised leader in field sales management software,” concludes Clarke.


For more information on our brand and history, find out more about us here.