Who’s Who in the Sales Zoo: A Guide for Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Distributors

A Sales Guide for Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Distributors

Sales in the B2B landscape can often feel like wandering through a zoo: each customer has their own unique attributes, environments, and needs. As wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, it’s crucial to not just feed these animals but to understand them. But fear not! With Skynamo RADAR, you have the perfect guide to help you not only understand but also profit from this diverse ecosystem.

The Customer Creatures of the Sales Zoo

  • Critical: These once-frequent buyers have slipped into silence, like elusive nocturnal animals. They were once active and engaged but now seem to have vanished into the wild. With RADAR, you can track their last movements and strategise how to lure them back into the open with targeted communication and special offers.
  • At-risk: Comparable to migratory species, these customers show changing patterns. They were regulars but now show signs of moving to new territories. RADAR helps you understand their migration paths and offers strategies to create a more hospitable environment before they jump the fence, ensuring they return season after season.
  • Hibernating: These low-spend, infrequent customers are rolled up, defensively waiting out the business weather. RADAR helps you gently coax them open with bespoke sales tactics to show them it’s safe and beneficial to engage more fully with your services.
  • About to sleep: These customers are on the cusp of disengagement and are moving slowly and sparingly. They need just the right amount of incentive to stay awake and active. RADAR identifies these sloths and suggests how you can keep them engaged through personalised interactions and timely offers.
  • Needs attention: Not terribly noteworthy when it comes to spending and purchase frequency, these customers blend into your business background. However, like a newt that can regenerate, they hold potential for growth. RADAR helps you identify these hidden gems and suggests tactics to cultivate a more robust relationship.
  • Potential loyalist: These are your promising new big spenders, showing signs of becoming future loyalists. Like little llamas, they need to be nurtured to ensure their loyalty grows. RADAR provides insights into their preferences and spending habits, and allows you to tailor your approach to their specific needs.
  • Promising: These new, infrequent buyers are like parrots learning new phrases. They’re interested but need engagement and education about your products or services. RADAR helps you understand their buying behaviour and guides you to develop an effective sales strategy.
  • New: The newest additions to your customer base, these customers are yet to make their mark. They’re like baby birds waiting to be fed the right information and care. RADAR helps you track their initial interactions and tailor your nurturing strategy to help them grow into loyal customers.
  • Loyal customers: The kings of your business jungle, these customers are consistent and reliable in their spending. Your job is to keep them engaged and satisfied. RADAR helps you monitor their satisfaction levels and provides insights to maintain and strengthen these valuable relationships.
  • Champions: These are your elite customers, at the very top in terms of spend and engagement. Fast, efficient, and high-value, they deserve VIP treatment. RADAR gives you the tools to not only track their current engagement, but also to anticipate their needs and preferences, so they continue to champion your brand.


Each of these customer creatures plays a vital role in the ecosystem of your business. When your data is turned into sales intelligence (thanks to RADAR), you can cater to their unique behaviours and needs with and sustain a thriving, dynamic business environment.


The Role of RADAR in the Sales Zoo

Now, how does one ensure that all these diverse creatures are not just surviving but thriving, contributing to the ecosystem of your business? The answer lies in RADAR, Skynamo’s sales intelligence tool. This tool is like a pair of binoculars that gives you a clear view of who’s who in your business zoo.

  • Spot the silent: RADAR helps you identify the Critical and At-risk customers, so you can take timely action to re-engage them.
  • Wake the sleepers: By analysing buying patterns, RADAR identifies the Hibernating and About to Sleep customers, and suggests strategies to re-engage them.
  • Nurture the new and needy: Understanding the needs and potential of New and Needs Attention clients is easier with RADAR’s insights, as it guides you to foster these relationships.
  • Champion the Champions: Celebrate and leverage your Champion and Loyal Customers, using RADAR to maintain and enhance these profitable relationships.

Let’s wrap it up

In the ever-evolving Sales Zoo, having a guide like RADAR is not just beneficial; it’s essential. It’s the difference between wandering aimlessly and moving with purpose and insight. So, embrace the diversity of your customer base, understand their unique needs, and watch your business thrive in this wild, wonderful world of sales!

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