Sales Rep Software: Why Tracking Tech is Good for the Game

Sales Rep Software Tracking Tech is Good for the Game

In the heart of South Africa, where a rugby match can halt a nation and boerewors is the national food, B2B leaders have a secret weapon. Just as rugby teams use GPS to understand player movement and how much they have left in the tank, B2B sales buffs are turning to Skynamo sales CRM app to improve sales performance in the field. In lieu of the Rugby World Cup, we’ll show why we believe sales rep tracking is for predictable conquest, rather than petty control. 

1. Understand Player Load: It’s a Full-Bok Effort

In rugby, ‘Player Load’ is about heart, grit, and a bit of “vasbyt”. The GPS tracker understands the total physical demand placed on a player. With Skynamo, you get insights into the total workload of your sales reps. Each pitch, each follow-up, each client visit. Just as coaches monitor a player’s effort on the field, sales managers can gauge the efforts of their reps in the field.

2. Map Out the Field: Every Metre, Every Mark Matters

We’ve all shouted at the TV during a match. Why? Because every metre matters when it comes to gaining territory and dominance. That’s what rugby players’ heat maps show. Just as a fullback’s positioning is crucial in rugby, understanding sales activity and geographical mapping is pivotal in B2B sales. Likewise, with Skynamo, you can see where your reps are concentrating their efforts and adjust as needed.

3. Sprint Analysis: Who’s Pulling a Kolbe?

It’s not just about how fast you can bolt, but how smartly you zigzag. In sales, who’s sprinting like they’ve got the South Easter behind them? And who’s on a Sunday drive? Skynamo gets you closer to the action than a referee – all access guaranteed. You quickly see a rep’s stamina and ability to close deals efficiently.

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4. Tackle the Big Deals: All Hands on the Ball

In rugby, the impact analysis measures the force of collisions. In sales, we have our own ‘collisions’: those big deals and negotiations that require strategy and force. Skynamo gives you insights into how sales reps handle these big-ticket interactions, and is your playbook to guide your teams more effectively.

5. Fatigue and Performance: From Full-Tank to Faint Fumes

Every rugby coach knows: a worn-out winger won’t cross the whitewash. Similarly, sales champs need to be on their A-game. With Skynamo, track the tenacity, tweak the training, and toast to top-tier performance.


Boost Your B2B Play with Skynamo

Here in South Africa, we don’t do anything half-heartedly. We put our all into our rugby, our braais, and our business. Just as our beloved Bokke use top-tier tech to stay ahead of the pack, it’s time for your B2B squad to soar with Skynamo.

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