70% of sales reps fail to benefit from great customer relationships – 2min read

Almost 90% of sales reps say they have great relationships with their customers. Our surveys suggest they don’t spend enough time with customers to really benefit from those relationships.

Below is an infographic suggesting that most sales reps get on very well with their customers. Strong customer relationships are crucial to sales success, but the real benefit of these relationships depend on regular face-time with customers.

Our survey found that the majority (70%) of these reps spend only around 25% of their day with customers because other (necessary) activities prevent them from visiting them as much as they’d like.


Sales reps share their perceptions on their relationships with their customers_Skynamo-01



Is your sales team spending enough time with customers?

How much is ‘enough’ time with your customers? Can your team benefit from spending more face-time with customers?

A great benefit our mobile field sales app enjoy is that it allows them to complete all their important daily tasks while freeing them up to spend more time with their customers.

25% annual growth in sales, customer visits increased by nearly 200%

‘We’ve seen a 25% year-on-year growth in sales revenue over the last four years. This is massive when you consider that the biggest co-op we work with strives for an annual growth of 11%. This could largely be ascribed to the fact that we get around to our customers much more often, increasing our daily visits from around 3 to a consistent 8 since the implementation of Skynamo.’

 – Jannic Zietsman, Regional Sales Manager, Lionel’s Vet Supplies


Weekly visits increased by nearly 50%

‘Skynamo’s visit analysis report provides us with relevant feedback to discuss strategies to increase reps’ weekly customer visits and found it to produce successful results. We will notice, for instance, that one of our consultants never visit anyone on Fridays. We then tried to rearrange their weekly schedule to see if Fridays deliver a higher visit rate. It worked. We helped one of our consultants increase his weekly visits by nearly 50%.’

 – Ernst Gottschalk, Sales Manager, Protekta Safety Gear


Doubled monthly customer visits, improving sales

‘The average number of customer visits per rep since switching to Skynamo has more than doubled to over 200 per month. We saw an increase in monthly sales simply because we’re visiting our existing customer base more regularly.’

Christoff Sonnekus, Sales Manager, Triangle Lubricants


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