The simple reason some sales teams fail to benefit from GPS tracking apps – 2min read

While most sales reps using GPS tracking apps tell of their many benefits, some remain concerned that it’s simply used as ‘policing tools’ by their managers. There’s a simple reason for this suspicion.    



GPS tracking apps improve the sales process


Sales teams are reporting on the many benefits GPS technology bring to their performance. They tell of how it improves relationships and collaboration within the team and between reps and managers.


We’ve recognised in feedback from Skynamo users that they’re enjoying similar benefits to many sport teams who embraced GPS technology. Among these benefits we see better rep management, better route planning and a more productive use of time in general. Reps also report that they enjoy better support from managers, while managers say that it’s improved the way they coach their reps. Better overall team performances and individual team member well-being are evident.


“Those reps who embraced the Skynamo app now swear by it as it makes them more efficient and effective in their route planning and their calls rather than taking a shotgun approach.” – Mike Giltrow, BED Holdings CEO. (Read full BED case study here)

“The GPS features guide us to our destinations in the most effective way and on those occasions when you do get a bit lost, you’re sure to find your way to a customer in time. Because my manager and I are always on the same page about where I’m at and what is happening there, they are more involved and able to support me in a useful manner from the back-office” – Brandon Rix, Interstat Stationery Sales Rep. (Read full Interstat case study here)


Why are some still suspicious of GPS tracking apps?

Aigerim Berzinya (Marketing Director at Turtler GPS Ltd) ascribes the negative connotations surrounding GPS tracking in sales to a lack in transparency during the adoption process.


‘It’s so pivotal for any company to be transparent with employees about any intention to begin monitoring them. They should be fully open about their reasons, and how they will use any data gathered,’ Berzinya emphasises.


A fascinating example from a Skynamo user is that of Permoseal. The same sales rep using the same tracking app experienced it vastly different based on how management introduced the sales technology, and how transparent and approachable they were during the adoption process.


‘One of our reps came from a company where Skynamo was used as a policing tool, so she was very opposed to adopting it and it took quite a bit of convincing to persuade her that we’re not here to do that and want to use it to the benefit of everyone. Ironically, this rep now absolutely loves it, because it gives her independence!’, shares Permoseal sales manager Kerry Yates.



GPS tracking apps hold profoundly positive benefits for sales teams. It’s crucial, however, that managers are transparent during the adoption process, welcoming reps to express possible concerns and clearly communicate how everyone will benefit from using such sales tools.