The importance of stats and figures in sales

Would you say that sales is all about the numbers? Most of sales say it is. However, it’s how you achieve these numbers which is crucial in forming your day to day life as a sales manager or sales rep. Without numbers, everyone associated with sales would be stuck in a limbo in which no one would know how they are actually performing, and if what they are doing is working or not!


Here at Skynamo we appreciate the importance of having all your figures in one place, which is why you can go mobile now with our revolutionary field sales app. Come and take a look now as to how our software can help streamline and organise these crucial statistics at your fingertips, whenever you need them.


Sales managers

Stats and figures are accessible by all, and can be looked at in a way that can benefit both sales managers, and sales reps. If you’re managing a team of sales reps, you are able to keep organised with all of your sales statistics in one place with our field sales app. This allows you to keep on top of what your team are doing, and what work is completed on a daily basis to see what is completed and what needs looking at.

Stats and figures are also important in showing you as a management team which of your sales reps are performing well and to a high standard, and who may need improvement. This allows you to reward those who have surpassed a certain target and to try and put an improvement structure in place for those who have not. By having this view over your team, it will allow you to be a lot more proactive and keep in touch with their performance.

As well as reflecting on past results, stats and figures also allow you to plan effectively for the future. By having an idea of how you have done in the past you can set out a projection of how you would like your sales company to perform in the future and plan out how you’re going to get there.


Sales reps

As well as being an important tool for sales managers, it can also help sales reps in excelling in the role and improving their output. By looking at statistics, you can highlight your own performance, and see which sales visits worked well and which ones didn’t and adjust accordingly. This period of self-reflection is crucial in seeing what methods are working for you, and what you could try differently on your next sales visit that could make all the difference in securing a deal.

Similarly to your sales managers, you should have goals and targets that you should aim to strive for and with our field sales software from Skynamo you have a variety of statistics at your disposal to achieve this. By planning your future, you always have a figure to strive for and can keep up a sense of direction and motivation.

As well as using figures to make sense of your past and plan out your future, they can also be useful in the here and now! Figures can give you vital ammunition in your pitch, highlighting the success that your product has had to show to your potential customer that you have a well thought of and reliable product.



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