Work Smarter – Holiday Edition: for the Ever-Busy Entrepreneur

how the ever-busy entrepreneur can work smarter this festive season

Let’s face it, taking a holiday often feels like a mythical concept, akin to spotting a unicorn in your backyard. You’re so deep in the trenches of your business that the idea of sipping cocktails on a beach seems like a plot from a 90’s romcom movie. But fear not, with a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of tech (hello, Skynamo!), you can actually take that December getaway without your business falling into anarchy.

Here’s how to work smarter this festive season so you can step away from your business with confidence

1. Delegate like a pro

Remember that team you painstakingly hired? It’s time to let them shine. Identify your workplace warriors, those who eat challenges for breakfast, and delegate like you’re handing out knighthood titles. Clear communication is key – nobody reads minds yet, unfortunately. And don’t forget, a little training goes a long way, kind of like spinach for Popeye.

2. Embrace the helping hands of Skynamo

Skynamo isn’t just a tool; it’s like extra team members who never sleep or get sick, or have bad attitudes. As a sales rep and CRM genius, it turns tedious admin into a thing of the past. Think less paperwork, more insights. This tool is like having a mini-you handling the sales while you’re building sandcastles on the beach.

3. Prioritise like your holiday depends on it (because it does)

Get your priorities straight. Not all tasks are created equal – some are superheroes, and others are just sidekicks. Plan your days like you’re plotting a blockbuster movie. The main plot? Your business thriving. The twist? You’re actually on holiday while it happens.

  • Set priorities and focus on what really matters. The rest can wait.
  • Create a schedule. Less ‘wing-it’ and more ‘pin it’ so that you have no loose ends when you leave.

4. Automation: your secret work-reducing sauce

Automate the mundane. There are tools out there that can handle everything from your social media posts to counting your digital beans (aka accounting).

  • Invest in smarter software so that you can do more, with less.
  • Let technology take the wheel sometimes.

5. Cultivate a culture that rocks

Instil a company culture that’s so positive, even Mondays feel like Fridays. Encourage your team to take the reins and make decisions. It’s like training your pet to fetch the newspaper – eventually, they nail it.


So, dear business heroes, embarking on a holiday is not just a wild fantasy. It’s totally doable. Trust your team, arm yourself with Skynamo, and embrace the smarter way of working. Your business won’t just survive; it’ll thrive. And you? You’ll come back tanned, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. Bon voyage!