5 reasons field sales reps struggle to capture accurate data – 2min read

Access to accurate field sales data is crucial to sales success. We explore various reasons why sales reps struggle to capture accurate data, offering a single solution to overcome these obstacles.


How important is accurate data to field sales success?

Can you consistently deliver a quality service and achieve sales success without understanding your customers’ needs, their buying habits or your own ability to deliver the services you promised?

In our conversations with business owners and sales managers, the need to better understand customers and gain better insights into their own activities are always mentioned. The typical concern of businesses looking to use our field sales app is this: ‘We meet regularly with our customers and have great relationships with them but fail to capture accurate data of what happens out there.’

Without useful data that guides their operations and decision-making, these businesses failed to deliver the level of service they aspire to.



Why do field sales reps struggle to capture accurate data?

Almost 90% of reps interviewed in our sales surveys believe their own reporting processes fail to deliver the quality information they really need to do their jobs well.


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Skynamo helps field sales reps to capture accurate data

Work offline

‘Skynamo’s offline capability means our reps now have access to their monthly KPIs even when they’re out in the field without internet connectivity. It’s much easier for them to keep track of their own performance and spending in terms of the goals we’ve set as a team.’ – Kerry Yates, Permoseal sales manager


Take the shortest route to your next meeting

‘Skynamo GPS features not only eliminate the need for manually compiling call reports, but also help reps with route planning by giving them a mapped view of their customers’ geographical locations.’ – Mike Giltrow, CEO of BED Holdings

Capture accurate data on the go

‘Right after I’ve spoken to a customer and all that has been discussed is still fresh in my memory, I walk to my car and record all information I need to take care of their needs. I really enjoy using the speech-to-text function. I sit in my car after visits and talk into the device, capturing as much info as possible.’ – Ernst Gottschalk, Protekta Safety Gear sales manager

No unwanted interruptions by managers

‘I no longer need to ask ‘negative’ questions to check up on them, but rather ask ‘positive’ questions to help them sell better… Less checking-up-on and more coaching, along with the updated information provided by Skynamo, results in technically strong reps who add value to customers.’ – Christoff Sonnekus, Traingle Lubricants sales manager

User friendly technology

‘Because the app is so easy to use, we’ve managed to adjust to its layout and put in some requests to have it adapted to our needs. That is what’s so great about the app – it’s flexible so it can be tailored to any business without too much hassle.’ – Joel Poilly, Powafix sales manager



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