Field Sales app makes face-to-face selling safe again

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Leading field sales app, Skynamo, introduces new COVID-19 features that support contact tracking and tracing and cultivate culture of compliance.


  • New specialized virus reporting and screening tools designed for field agents and face-to-face sales executives
  • The COVID-19 Daily Clock-In empowers high-performing field agents and business owners to do what they do best – customer engagement
  • Free webinar for sales teams: live on 4 and 5 June (you can still register and receive recording)
  • Mobile, accessible, tracking-enabled Skynamo can be customized to fit all business requirements


Skynamo, the company which announced $ 30m Series A funding in January from US-based Five Elms Capital, has announced significant COVID-19 upgrades to protect a company’s salesforce while trying to sustain competitive advantage.


Skynamo, the mobile-first field sales platform, increases sales rep productivity and effectiveness by digitizing paper-based processes, automating administrative tasks, and enabling easy access to customer and product information in the field. GPS technology provides managers with a real-time view of sales activity and sales rep effectiveness in the field, so they can coach their reps remotely. Field sales teams using Skynamo typically double – and in some cases triple – the number of customers they visit per week and increase revenue by up to 20% in the first year.

Skynamo launches COVID-19 Safety Features

For most organisations, personal contact is essential to achieving sales goals. According to research undertaken by Xant, companies with field agents have a closing rate that’s around 30.2% higher than those who rely on calls or emails and the deals are usually 130.2% larger. This makes field sales a critical investment for companies looking for stability in the current market and economy.


The data presents a real challenge. Meeting face-to-face is the competitive advantage necessary in the current economy to stave off competitors vying for the same customers who now have tighter budgets and are looking to cut costs. However, business owners should not risk the health and safety of an organization’s people.


The COVID-19 Daily Clock-in Screening Form ensures that businesses that require field sales teams to visit customers regularly for relationship management and research are able to protect their employees and remain aligned with occupational health and safety guidelines and best practice.


“There are stringent new regulations for doing business and it’s important for companies to feel that they are doing everything they can to protect their employees and their customers,” says Sam Clarke, Founder & CEO of Skynamo. “Employees also want to get back to work and regain a semblance of normal life. However, this is offset by the Corona virus and the risks that it poses to field sales agents. We recognized the value of providing customized COVID-19 check lists in Skynamo to provide both a company’s customers and employees with an extra level of protection and security.”


“The field sales agents log into the app from the moment that they start the day and it asks a series of questions, that can be customized, that pertain to the virus,” says Clarke. “These include things like temperature, general health, a cough – the basic checklist for the symptoms of the disease. Most companies take these details down when the employee enters the building – their temperature is taken and they’re asked a series of questions. For those in the field, this isn’t possible which is where the app comes in.”


The teams take their temperature and details remotely and provide these to their managers using an accessible digital record. They also complete a different list once they’ve seen a customer. They can answer customized questions around whether the customer was ill, or how well the company adhered to social distancing, for example. This not only ensures detailed record-keeping, but it also ensures that legal procedures are tightly followed in the event that the agent does get ill and needs to apply for worker’s compensation.


“The application gives the business a detailed record of field agent movements and this information can be used to track the illness if someone gets sick,” adds Clarke. “For those high performing, active field sales managers and business owners, it’s an effective tool for returning to work in the business as ‘newsual.’


Throughout the lockdown, Skynamo has been running webinars for organizations across the manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution sectors to support their COVID-19 strategies and planning. Register here to view a recording of the last webinar or register for the next one.


Currently focused on scale and growth, in spite of current market conditions, Skynamo has also developed free consultations for managers and business owners to help them define sales within the pandemic era.

Visit Skynamo here.




Skynamo is the field sales app used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors with field sales teams who sell to an existing customer base. Field sales teams at companies such as PepsiCo, Simba, Bidvest, Elizabeth Arden, Bantex, Chipkins, Bos Brands, Cosmetix, Denny Mushrooms, Dewfresh, Disa Hardware and Sir Juice use Skynamo to improve service levels to customers and cash flow for their business through features that enable remote submission of orders, automation of administrative tasks, and capturing of customer interactions on mobile devices. Sales managers also able to better manage their field sales teams through real-time automated reporting, maintain an overview of all customer visits and orders, as well as draw valuable customer and sales productivity insights through Skynamo’s management dashboards and survey features. Skynamo partners and integrates with ERP and accounting software such as Sage, Acumatica and Xero to provide field sales teams with accurate product, pricing, customer and payment history information, and to submit orders from the field – even offline.


Over 7500 users at hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries are using Skynamo in Southern Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the US. Visit

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