How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

Having access to information while out on the field is an invaluable resource for salespeople. Yet, until recently, they didn’t have the luxury of cloud computing. Instead, they often had to burn time and money getting pricing and inventory details from the office. Once back at headquarters, employees had to re-enter the order details into the computer manually.

Thankfully, modern field sales teams don’t have to deal with these nuisances anymore. Savvy salespeople simply whip out their phones and rely on programs like the Sage Sales App. This can help them access critical and accurate information that can help close and process the sale quickly.

Skynamo is one such field sales ordering app. Specifically, it helps provide salespeople with the necessary information to close the deal. Even the most novice sales representative should understand that each client’s needs are different. Therefore, the salesperson will need to tailor their approach and provide information specific to each client.

What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is software designed for small and medium-sized businesses to manage all of their customer relationship management (CRM) needs. It provides a highly customizable, flexible, and scalable solution to deliver critical business information – anytime and anywhere.

Sage CRM features three key modules. These are Sage CRM for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

Can Sage ERP integrate with a sales app?

The benefits of Sage CRM and ERP platforms are clear. They contain all the information needed by sales team members to conduct daily business – products, pricing, stock levels, and more. Field sales teams can appreciate having all of this information handy on their mobile phones while out with a client. Integrating Sage CRM with a sales rep app helps sales teams manage their sales leads and follow up on opportunities.

Integrating the Skynamo sales platform with Sage gives your sales reps real-time access to a wide array of product information that can help them with their transactions when they need it most. Using data from the Sage CRM tool, salespeople can use the Skynamo sales app on their phones to display the latest product, pricing, customer, and stock information. At the same time, sales reps can take orders and place them via the cloud.

Why integrate Sage ERP with a sales app?

The benefits of integrating Skynamo with your Sage business software are significant. Having all information available on demand eliminates the need to keep coming back to the office or calling different departments. The focus is where it belongs – on landing the sale.

  • Product information. This allows the sales team to quickly reference a product’s availability, stock quantity, location, and price.
  • Sales activity tracker. The Skynamo sales rep app can track each salesperson’s activities in real-time. It means supervisors and managers won’t need to keep calling their sales team members to ascertain their whereabouts.
  • Forecast tools. The app can generate accurate sales and revenue forecasts based on real-time information gathered from historical sales transactions.
  • Customer information. This allows salespeople to have all relevant client information at their fingertips from the ERP system. Making this information available on mobile devices means no salesperson will enter meetings uninformed.
  • Sales dashboard. Managers and decision-makers can make more timely and informed decisions based on sales updates. Transactions are reflected in the dashboard in real-time so data will always be correct and up to date.
  • Sales pipeline. Sales teams can check the progress made on their leads and clients. This enables them to prepare their schedules and prioritize meetings more efficiently.

Benefits of Sage and sales apps

Compared to the traditional method of field sales, having a cloud-based mobile app that is connected to your Sage software, ready to dispense data and take orders, is unequivocally better.

Among the immediate benefits of using Sage in conjunction with the Skynamo field sales order platform, is a notable increase in operational efficiency. Instead of shuttling back and forth between the office and field to gather information and submit orders, everything can happen out in the field. Sales representatives can provide clients with updated information on product availability and pricing instantly. At the same time, they can take orders and submit them via instantaneous cloud connectivity.

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

In addition, supporting departments like finance, warehousing, and customer service will also appreciate the integrated system. Thanks to the Sage integration with Skynamo, any orders made through the Skynamo app will reflect on the company’s database back at headquarters. Neither sales nor the department will need to re-enter any data to record these transactions. It’s less administrative paperwork for everyone, and more accurate reporting as well.

With the time saved from reduced administrative tasks, salespeople can now visit more clients and generate more sales.


Additional benefits of integrating a sales app with Sage

The integration of Sage and the easy-to-use sales rep app: Skynamo, provides additional benefits to the sales team. It further increases each member’s productivity as it reduces time-consuming and redundant manual tasks. Note that each additional benefit works best on the Sage solution mentioned below.

New COVID-19 safety features (Sage X3)

Skynamo users who rely on Sage X3 integration can now include COVID-19-related safety features as part of their compliance management tasks. The app now supports contact tracing features to ensure documentation of all face-to-face interactions. This can come in very handy in cases when health officials need to track down potential individuals potentially exposed to the virus. Skynamo provides specialized virus reporting and screening tools that field agents and face-to-face sales executives can rely on to stay healthy.

At the same time, the COVID-19 features protect businesses from liabilities, as they can effectively account for their salespeople’s whereabouts at all times. Skynamo requires sales representatives to log in daily and answer a series of COVID-19 screening questions. This includes requiring that they log their current body temperature. Employees also need to disclose if they exhibit any outward symptoms of the disease, such as coughing or difficulty breathing.

Seamless integration with current tools

Sage’s integration with Skynamo is the foremost example. Having a field sales ordering platform that can access and update information from other departments (such as finance, warehousing, customer service, etc) helps in many ways.

  • First, it eliminates the need for multiple data entry points for the same information.
  • Second, the elimination of redundant data entries means more accurate sales reporting.
  • Third, this also makes field orders easier. Customers receive the most up-to-date information.
  • At the same time, any new orders made out on the field will immediately be reflected on the Sage database back at headquarters. Salespeople tracking orders will also get real-time information.

Improved analytics (Sage X3)

Decisions based on reliable, accurate information are often the most effective in solving a problem or improving a situation. Sage features in-depth analytics on demand that help company decision-makers make the right call at the right time. Even better, the software continually updates the information it uses for its insights. This means that whenever managers and executives need hard numbers, they can easily turn to Sage’s powerful analytics features.

Sage’s business intelligence capabilities use leading Business Objects technology and are fully integrated with the software. This means that it won’t require any additional database maintenance. When used in conjunction with Sage’s business intelligence tools, it can provide deeper insights and lead to smarter decisions – not just in sales, but also in finance, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing.

Streamlined calendar appointment system (Sage CRM)

Sage provides salespeople with highly automated tools that reduce administrative tasks. This includes the ability to set calendar schedules and appointments via drag-and-drop functions. Users can also adjust the length of each meeting via drag-and-drop as well. Simply add each new business appointment to the day, week, or month view calendar. The software will automatically reflect all new appointments to the rest of the workflow.

Google integration (Sage One)

Another convenience is Sage’s integration with Google productivity tools, such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Drive, to name a few. Sage will have no problem recognizing and accepting entries made in Google-created files. Furthermore, you can arrange files, folders, and other related content in Google Drive to be accessed through Sage.

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

Wide customization options

Sage, especially Sage X3, recognizes that each business has its own set of priorities. In addition, groups within a single business also have their own specific requirements that may have nothing to do with other departments. This is why the software allows its users wide customization options so they can focus on the metrics they need.

Sage doesn’t box its users into a single, rigid system. Neither does Skynamo sales software. The integration of both allows users full customization options to better reflect their local workflows. As a result, companies can customize everything – forms, views, calculations, and even rules – to better reflect their systems.

There is also the ability for administrators to create unique processes and grant different access levels to different users. As the software also recognizes scalability, it allows businesses to create a new subsidiary or division line that may be separate from the rest of the groups within the organization.

Access to learning

As Sage continues to expand its capabilities, it continues to offer valuable training to its users so no one gets left behind. As such, the makers of Sage created Sage University, an online resource site for users to learn the ins and outs of the software.

Sage University provides a complete line of training solutions that help users learn the various skills and roles needed to use the software. It offers self-paced learning and how-to videos via its Anytime Learning module. Sage University also offers instructor-led training for organizations that prefer guided learning.

As an offshoot, Sage University also issues certifications for professionals who complete course requirements. Additional options are also available for large-scale users and companies that need custom courses suited to their needs.

Similarly, the Skynamo Academy offers brilliant training to users. Whether your teams want to do training at their own pace, use the pre-recorded videos, or prefer live training sessions, the Skynamo team is amazingly hands-on at equipping sales and admin teams on how to use the sales software to support their daily tasks.

Automation functions

Whichever version of Sage your company is using, it includes an advanced workflow engine. This allows users from your organization to apply automation tasks that direct information exchanges within and outside your groups. You can customize the way important events are handled based on your company-specific practices and protocols.

For example, Sage allows the customization of currency exchange rates and rate policies. This is very helpful, especially when dealing with a sometimes-volatile global market that’s beginning to introduce more digital currencies.

Made for mobile

Like Sage ERP and CRM, Skynamo sales app’s mobile capabilities are highly appreciated by field sales teams all around. Allowing mobile access to Sage data, via the Skynamo built-for-mobile platform, gives field sales teams a boost in their ability to close the sale, regardless of location. They can better reply to customer inquiries concerning the price and availability of the products they desire. This also allows sales representatives to place orders that are recorded immediately in the central database at the head office.

At the same time, managers can also look after their team more efficiently. A quick glance at each agent’s activity log can show how many sales calls they made and how much time they spent on each call. Managers can also see the status of their team’s leads, prospects, and buyers. This allows them to focus on helping members who may benefit from closer assistance.

Made especially for remote sales teams

Sales teams using Sage and Skynamo can work virtually, meeting their clients on their turf and terms. All it takes is an active internet connection to allow users access to customer and product information. This also allows them to update their sales activities and connect with their managers and team members. Given the constant availability of information and communication, sales representatives can confidently maneuver their sales calls.

Even better, when Sage is integrated with Skynamo, it can allow sales agents to access data and process orders even in offline mode. Once the network connection is re-established, the database will update and reflect the new transaction details.


What do customers think? Sage and Skynamo reviews

Many find Sage and Skynamo each a great software to work with. For example, TrustRadius currently reports that more reviewers rate using Sage CRM as positive (24) than negative (5). Among the positive reviews, many hail the software’s customer data management and territory management tools. Despite the relatively limited number of integrated software products, many users appreciated the relative ease of integrating Sage with their compatible software.

How field sales teams can benefit from Sage and sales apps

Meanwhile, rated Sage CRM with a 4.3 out of 5, with many complimenting its top-notch CRM features. In particular, reviewers liked Sage’s abilities to generate and manage leads. Another reviewer site, G2, gave a slightly lower (but still positive!) average score of 3.5. It also cited Sage’s excellent CRM capabilities, despite the quality of customer service leaving a lot to be desired.

Skynamo was rated against other brands defined as ‘field sales software’ and was awarded industry leadership status by G2 in Spring 2021. Reviewers on the G2 website gave the Skynamo Sales Platform an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with many lauding its seamless integration with Sage and other platforms. This means Skynamo outperformed its competitors across a wide range of criteria including ease of use and setup, and excellent quality of product support service.


Using Skynamo with Sage for sales

Sage is a highly complementary partner to Skynamo, as it enhances Skynamo’s field ordering capabilities. Sage provides expanded, remote access to customer information to sales agents using Skynamo. It also ensures that salespeople will always have the latest product, pricing, and stock information that clients need to pull the trigger on a deal.

Managers and executives will also find a Sage sales app-powered Skynamo an ideal partner in managing sales teams. They can quickly search individual sales performances and monitor sales activities via Skynamo’s mobile platform. With complete sales data available for analytics around the clock, on-the-spot decisions become informed ones.


Want more clarity for your field sales team?

Being on the road is no longer an excuse for a salesperson to not submit sales orders or update customer information. With the dynamic pairing of Skynamo and Sage software, field sales teams can produce results rather than excuses. Even going offline won’t pose a hindrance, as Skynamo will allow users to proceed with their orders or still retrieve crucial data. Skynamo also provides a mobile-version copy of the company’s sales catalog that can prove very valuable when meeting clients.

Are you looking for a reliable field sales ordering platform that works with your Sage systems? Give us a call here at Skynamo! We are committed to working with you to elevate your company and your bottom line.