5 Reasons to start using a B2B sales order app

5 Reasons to Start using a B2B sales order app

If you own a buy-and-sell business, chances are you’ve probably run into a sales order before. A sales order is a document used to confirm the price, quantity, delivery date, and features of the products and services purchased through a sale. B2B sales ordering is beneficial to sellers because it helps them track both their inventory and buyer orders.

Buyers are often provided with different documents based on where they’re at in the purchasing process. While sales orders are a crucial part of this process, it’s important to note that they are distinctly different from other sales documents like quotes and purchase orders.

Customers often request quotes during the first few steps of the sales process. This document usually contains an itemized list of company products or services, as well as the amount the customer can expect to spend. As a seller, you have the option to add discounts and bundle deals to your initial quote, especially for large orders. If a customer reviews the quote and finds that it’s within their budget and serves their business goals, they can then submit a purchase order.

A purchase order is a legally binding document that a customer submits when they intend to purchase products and services from a seller. Once received, the seller can then create a sales order to confirm the customer’s order and to show that both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the sale.

A sales order gives a seller the go-ahead to prepare their customer’s order. They will then send the customer an invoice once their order is ready for shipment. While quotes, purchase orders, and sales orders serve different purposes, they all work together to help sellers keep track of their internal sales process. If you are a business owner looking to enhance your B2B sales ordering process, you should consider using a sales order app.

Let’s go over five different ways a sales order app could benefit your business.


1. Say goodbye to order errors

If your business has ever experienced an order error, you know how stressful it can be. While you could potentially lose revenue, the real risk of an order error is the strain it puts on your client relationships. A B2B sales ordering app like Skynamo will provide your sales representatives with all the tools they need to avoid order errors. The app features a software system that automatically inputs information according to your business needs. This feature allows your sales reps to simply select information from a pre-existing list once an order is ready, reducing their chance for mistakes.

A sales order app can help your team accurately track orders and prevent information errors that cause delays in order fulfillment. Skynamo optimizes B2B sales ordering through its integration of various ERP and accounting packages. These features allow sales reps to access updated pricing, customer, and stock information right from their phones.


2. Get access to insightful reports

When it comes to business, data is king. Sales ordering apps give your team easy access to accurate sales and budget data, meaning they can gain deeper insight into how your products and services are performing. This access also allows them to learn more about your customers and how they can serve them better.

Once you have this data, you can then use the analytics to track your customers’ purchase patterns. If you own a restaurant, you can take advantage of this information and offer promotions based on what your customers consistently order off your menu. You can also use this data to add or remove items from your menu based on your customers’ preferences.


3. Promote better decision-making

Sales order apps are designed to store all of your business data in one place. This helps optimize the B2B sales ordering process by boosting accessibility and making it easier for your team to analyze information. These key features will allow your sales team to have an easier time picking up on sales patterns. For example, small restaurants can use a sales order app to estimate the amount of time it takes for customers to place an order, as well as note down their most popular menu items. This information allows them to tweak their sales process to make it more efficient, organized, and customer-friendly, putting them in league with bigger chains.


4. A B2B sales order app is cost-efficient

Your business can save more money in the long run with a sales order app. Not only does it eliminate the cost of printing paper documents, but it also speeds up your customers’ sales process. For example, if you are in the food and beverage industry, you can accurately monitor bulk orders and prevent costly mistakes like losing perishable items. Because sales order apps allow you to go paperless, you will waste fewer materials traditionally used to create sales documents, helping your business become more environmentally friendly.


5. Empowers your field sales team

With a sales order app in their arsenal, your sales team can sell anytime, anywhere. A sales order app allows them to meet customers where they are and equips your bottom line with the tools they need to effectively engage clients. Your sales team can view inventory, print receipts, showcase company products/services, and capture customer data, which helps optimize your overall sales process. This will also improve your customer experience and boost your field sales team’s motivation and morale.

5 Reasons to Start using a B2B sales order app

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