It’s not too late for your sales team to go mobile – 2min read

Discussions about the urgency to adapt to a mobile environment is nothing new. The idea that businesses who haven’t yet adopted mobile sales solutions will look on as their competitors thrive, is a scary one. But it’s certainly not too late (or complicated) to go mobile.

In the business world, the ‘going mobile’ trend started as a smart sales strategy but has now become a bare necessity. The effective use of mobile sales apps helps salespeople thrive and maintain a competitive edge.

Businesses using mobile sales apps report improved productivity, a better understanding of customer needs and, very importantly, increased sales. Sales reps tell of how these tools empower them to do their jobs better while drastically reducing their weekly admin load.

Skynamo sales tool transforms daily routines and outcomes

What to look for in a mobile sales app

As more businesses opt to go mobile, the variety of sales apps to choose from also continue to increase. Deciding which app best suits your business needs could be daunting!

Some appear as simpler add-ons, offering mobile access to existing software. Others are developed with a mobile first focus, specifically looking to provide a superior experience for mobile device users. Among these, different brands will prioritise different functionalities while others will emphasise all-round performance. It’s necessary to take time in considering app compatibility with the unique needs and goals of your business.

Here are a few important aspects to consider:



Has switching to a mobile sales app changed the way you do business? Can you continue doing ‘business as usual’ without considering a mobile sales solution?





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