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Lasting customer relationships

5 Keys to Developing Lasting Customer Relationships

By Team Skynamo | June 1, 2021

Looking for tips to help you build valuable customer relationships? Congratulations, you just found them! Find out how to keep your customers coming back.

Manage my field sales team

Skynamo works like “magic” – it changed the way I manage my field sales team

By Servaas Hofmeyr | May 4, 2021

Skynamo helps businesses spend more time with customers, develop more knowledgeable field sales reps, and get sales managers more involved in customer conversations.

Leading field sales software on G2

Skynamo recognized as field sales software leader

By Servaas Hofmeyr | April 29, 2021

User reviews have recognized Skynamo with leadership status in the broader field sales software and the specialized route planning software categories on the G2 software review platform.

Post-lockdown preparation for sales

The ultimate post-lockdown preparation checklist for field sales

By Servaas Hofmeyr | April 19, 2021

12 ways you can prepare your business, your team and your customers to go back into the field safely and successfully in a post-lockdown trading environment.

Vitamin and supplement industry sales app

5 biggest vitamin and supplement industry supply chain blockers

By Servaas Hofmeyr | March 10, 2021

The right software solution can help supply chain managers overcome unique vitamin and supplement industry supply chain blockers.

Lead mobile sales app

South Africa’s Skynamo acquires mSeller – a leading mobile sales application in the United Kingdom

By Servaas Hofmeyr | February 3, 2021

South African success story expands UK footprint and mobile and field sales capabilities with acquisition of UK mobile sales application

Strategy for SME's to fight uncertainty

Strategy still the best way for SMEs to fight uncertainty

By Servaas Hofmeyr | February 3, 2021

The past year emphasized the importance of strategy, and communication with customers. An optimistic Julian Diaz, Skynamo’s chief marketing officer, shares what he expects from consumers in 2021.

Positive lessons learned from 2020

7 positives Skynamo took out of 2020

By Servaas Hofmeyr | January 25, 2021

It is not the year we’d want over again, but we did take some significant steps forward as a business and are proud of what we achieved during the unusual year that’s been. These are 7 positives Skynamo took out of 2020.

Competitive edge in health and wellness

Skynamo provides competitive edge in growing health and wellness industry

By Servaas Hofmeyr | January 15, 2021

Outside sales platforms enable producers and distributors of nutritional and fitness products and other services in the health and wellness industry to grow their market share.

Empower your sales team through digitization

Now is the right time to empower your outside sales team through digitization

By Servaas Hofmeyr | January 5, 2021

Business owners and sales managers often share some scepticism related to digitization when having to choose outside sales software. This is understandable. Research suggests this most likely stems from past experiences linked to mishaps and inefficiencies that involved ineffective technology or clunky systems. But there is no better time to empower your outside sales team… Read more »

Skynamo blog posts

10 most popular Skynamo blog posts of 2020

By Servaas Hofmeyr | December 28, 2020

Tips on how to realign sales strategies and business practices – in what has been the most difficult year of the decade and in many sales professionals’ careers – drew the most interest among readers. Other exciting news that was widely read and shared was the opening of Skynamo’s US headquarters in Atlanta.

Surviving the pandemic

The 4 best ways sales teams can survive this pandemic

By Servaas Hofmeyr | December 17, 2020

While the Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of business, it’s by no means the only economic downturn our world has faced. Feeling disheartened is normal, but facing this new era of business head-on with an outlook that seeks to overcome rather than compensate, is what will really make the difference.