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Field sales during 2020

Stormy weather: how outside sales teams have navigated 2020

By Servaas Hofmeyr | December 14, 2020

Annually, on National Salesperson Day, we celebrate the role outside salespeople play in business success. This year, our regional managers shared their observations from this unusual year, and the critical role they see outside sales teams play going forward.

saleswoman talking to customer from product warehouse

Food for thought: Stay top of mind with retailers when selling from a distance

By Servaas Hofmeyr | November 30, 2020

Selling face-to-face and visiting customers in person is not possible for many outside sales teams at the moment. This is how you stay top of mind when selling from a distance.

salesman congratulated by socially distanced colleagues after a successful sale

Smash sales targets despite lockdowns and economic downturns

By Zane van Rooyen | November 20, 2020

Smart work during an economic downturn can put you in the best position to make big gains further down the line. Our customers taught us valuable lessons about how Skynamo helped them to harness accurate data to adapt sales approaches and win through it.

female field sales manager strategizing with her team

How much did lockdown and safety restrictions affect field sales teams?

By Servaas Hofmeyr | November 18, 2020

Polls show the importance field sales teams attach to in-person selling, their reasons for employing outside sales teams, and how the pandemic affected the size of their sales teams.

hand of businessman wearing formal white shirt typing on mobile device

8 consequences of not choosing your outside sales software wisely

By Servaas Hofmeyr | November 17, 2020

Let’s face it, we’re overloaded with information, tips, and tricks on how choosing the best sales software could benefit your outside sales employees. But, is anyone brave enough to talk about the negative effects this could have on company sales if you don’t get it right?

hand of businessman holding a mobile device that is hosting cloud ERP system

A match made in the Cloud: Acumatica and Skynamo integration simplifies business growth

By Servaas Hofmeyr | November 9, 2020

Cloud-based integration between Acumatica ERP and the Skynamo outside sales platform means lower upfront costs, inclusion of outside sales teams into broader organizational structures, and simplified business growth.

salesperson afraid of and hiding from shadow of a big monster claw

No more tricky business: Xero and Skynamo integration makes selling a treat

By Servaas Hofmeyr | October 30, 2020

Include your outside sales team into your company’s broader organizational ecosystem through integrating Skynamo outside sales software with Xero accounting software.

financial manager and sales manager making a decision while looking at a laptop screen

3 main reasons Sage users choose Skynamo

By Servaas Hofmeyr | October 28, 2020

Skynamo’s integration with Sage assures outside sales teams are included in companies’ broader organizational ecosystems. Business managers enjoy insights into outside sales activities and sales teams enjoy access to information they need to be better sales consultants.

man shrugging his shoulders and lifting his hands in confusion

What’s the difference between sales force automation and CRM?

By Zane van Rooyen | October 9, 2020

Many business decision-makers wonder about the difference between Field Sales Automation – Sales Force Automation (SFA) – and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). What do they do? How do they complement each other? One of the fundamental differences between SFA and CRM is that while SFA looks after the entire sales process and tracks the efforts… Read more »

Cutting sales costs is something you can control

By Servaas Hofmeyr | October 2, 2020

External factors that shape the economy aren’t under your control. Skynamo’s all-in-one field sales platform helps sales teams manage what they can control in a cost-effective manner. The effects of a global business slowdown are evident around us and affecting most of our businesses at the moment. We’ve previously highlighted what sets industry leaders apart in… Read more »

woman looking at digital sales report graphs on her mobile device and laptop

Don’t “go digital” if it’s not simplifying field sales management

By Servaas Hofmeyr | September 28, 2020

Choosing sales automation software that is the right fit for your business can be confusing. Here are 8 key features that simplify the sales management process and increase sales team productivity.

store clerk counting stock while wearing a face mask

10 Health & Safety tips for Field Sales Reps in the COVID-19 economy.

By Servaas Hofmeyr | September 27, 2020

Occupational Health Specialists are helping us put together a Coronavirus Health & Safety Guide for field sales teams returning to work. Here are 10 tips for minimizing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus while visiting customers and prospects in the field.