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INTERVIEW: Skynamo Founder on Choosing a Career in Technology [IT News Africa]

Skynamo CEO Sam Clarke

In 2013, Sam Clarke – founder and CEO of local startup, Skynamo – decided he wanted to solve a problem that had been getting in the way of business for decades. A few years later, in 2020, Skynamo went on to secure $30 million in US funding and is now putting it to good use – starting with an app that supports & protects sales field agents in the fight against COVID-19.

Why the Skynamo field sales app can’t be downloaded on new Huawei devices (and why you shouldn’t try to hack it on there!)

huawei device with no access sign on screen

Skynamo’s field sales app, and other apps available in the Google Play Store, can’t be downloaded on new Huawei devices because of current trade restrictions. This is why you should not try to hack the Play Store onto your Huawei device.