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How top managers look after their sales reps’ well-being

How top managers look after their sales reps' well-being

Employee well-being should be the top priority of any business. Focused, driven, and happy sales reps are integral to every organization’s success. They’re the ones responsible for driving conversions and developing long-term customer relationships. Also, they play a crucial role in providing other departments with actionable insights about potential and existing customers.

How SMEs can adopt modern technology to boost sales

How SMEs can adopt modern technology to boost sales

One of the biggest challenges of running a small to medium enterprise in 2021 is the ongoing digital transformation of field sales hastened by the demands of the pandemic.

This digital transformation requires promoting your products/services across various digital channels to reach your target consumers.

Why Field Sales Matters in Today’s Marketplace

field sales matters in today’s marketplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the B2B sales and marketing space. Most B2B interactions have now moved online and field sales have taken a back seat. However, nothing can replace the value of motivated sales reps in the field, and if small businesses are the heart of a country’s economy, then field reps represent the legs that drive it forward.

Tips for more productive sales reps in the Field

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The field sales terrain is a fierce battleground where reps vie for customers’ minds and money amid stiff competition. Despite the difficulties, face-to-face sales is an avenue that businesses cannot afford to overlook, with research showing that face-to-face interaction is 34 times more effective than interaction via email.