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What are the different types of sales technology?

There isn’t only one type of sales technology. Figuring out which software is the best fit for your business is a difficult process, so we’ve put together this simple guide to help you distinguish between the confusing terminology involved in choosing the right sales technology.

Why Field Sales Matters in Today’s Marketplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the B2B sales and marketing space. Most B2B interactions have now moved online and field sales have taken a back seat. However, nothing can replace the value of motivated sales reps in the field, and if small businesses are the heart of a country’s economy, then field reps represent… Read more »

Tips for more productive sales reps in the Field

The field sales terrain is a fierce battleground where reps vie for customers’ minds and money amid stiff competition. Despite the difficulties, face-to-face sales is an avenue that businesses cannot afford to overlook, with research showing that face-to-face interaction is 34 times more effective than interaction via email.

High Protein Snacks are Growing in Popularity

  Consumers across the globe are prone to moments of indulgence, turning to snacks all throughout the day. Many consumers look to snack purely to satisfy hunger, however more and more consumers are now looking to get more than just a quick bite, but are now actively seeking snacking products that can offer functional and… Read more »

The Dire Consequences of Not Adopting Sales Tech

In today’s rapid and ongoing automation of manufacturing and industrial practices, you could be left behind, as well as behind your competition. More importantly, though, your customer relationships won’t be the best that they can be.

The good news about the bad news about Handshake Rep

The news that Shopify was closing down Handshake Rep ordering app on 30 June this year may have shaken many businesses, but we have good news! Skynamo offers a Handshake Rep order alternative so that Handshake users can continue writing orders and selling in the field.

5 Dangers That Typically Sink Family Businesses

A family business can be great. You’re working with people who are closely related to you, which means solid trust is built right into the business. Even giants like Walmart and Berkshire Hathaway are prime examples of family businesses. According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 90% of all businesses in the US are family… Read more »